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first night after treatment
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I had my first chemo session and it took me a while to get to sleep and stomach cramps all night. I did get really healthy smoothie and eat and drank lots, is this normal?
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Runner Girl
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Did you take the nausea/vomiting medication they gave you (if they gave you some)?

Or try some ginger tea or capsules.

I had a bit of nausea and tummy upset. Found the meds they provided good for night time as they made me sleepy. Used ginger capsules during the day at work.

Lots of hydration these next few days to flush your body.

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sun46‍ I found that several small meals tended to be easier on my system. As Runner Girl‍ says the need for hydration is huge water being best.
I developed a huge passion for candied ginger. I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it was an indulgent sweet that helped.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it was usually two or three days after treatment that I felt the most exhausted yet struggled to sleep a good stretch. I was off work for the first time in 30 years and just enjoyed frequent naps.
The first round or two is likely to be your pattern for remaining rounds so good to take notes on what happens on what days.
Before you know it you’ll be ringing a bell 😊
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woo hoo!!! Yay for the good news, and getting on with your treatment!

I did 4 dose dense treatments of the red devil, and my husbabd used to say: “They should call it the ‘Red Warrior’ instead, because it’s fighting the cancer, so it’s a good guy!” You will be finished it in no time!

It is cumulative, so the last couple are a little harder than the first 2, but you will get through it!

Drink your water before and after, stay out of the sun, and eat as well as you can. Your scalp is going to be sensitive after your 2nd treatment when you start to lose your hair😢, but if you need a good side, it’s nice and cool for the summer! ( I did my chemo from June- mid October).

So happy for you that your lung nodule was not more cancer.❤️!

keep us posted!


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@sun46 I found the first night or two were difficult for sleeping due to the steroids, after that it settled down. Best of luck to you! I have finished 4 rounds of AC and 2 out of 12 of Taxol. It's a grind but we can do it!

Cynthia Mac
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sun46‍ Chiming in to pass on what my Dad experienced (which was a lot like what you’re experiencing)

The Dexamethasone he was on did play havoc with his sleep patterns. Good news: that wears off.

He never complained of cramping, but his onco nurses suggested that he take the anti-nausea meds before he started to feel nauseous.

And, hydration is important: not only to move the chemo through the bloodstream, but also to flush out the Dex, so drink up!

Congratulations on getting your first treatment done. It’s a milestone, to be sure.
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@sun46 i had my first chemo two weeks ago. I found day 3-5 the hardest, stomach cramps, weird cramps in my legs, etc but by Day 6 so much better .. I did not use the anti nausea meds don’t like the side effects it can have, so I drank club sofa or flat ginger ale when I felt off and was fine Just be sure to drink more than usual because chemo can cause extreme constipation, so buy some prunes or keep meds handy just in case. I found My stomach did not like large meals, when I grazed several times in soup, crackers and fruit my body did much better and cramps went away and Zi walked small walks every day no matter how I felt..it cleared my head so much. Session 2 for me is next Friday so will keep u posted as to how that goes, and hope it helps u thru it This group is a godsend for me when u vacant ask those who have walked the walk before me and give me their truth

Wishing you well thru the week if u need support just chat

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@LittleDeb , j am finding I have to eat small meals as feel full with all the water etc, trying not to take the anti nausea meds however I had an injection this morning and ut didn't help. figure day 4 or 5 will be sleep mode as steroids will be finished. Keep me posted on your progress.

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@sun46 had my first ABVD chemo yesterday. Broke down and cried when my butt hit the chair reality setting in. Meds did well but I hear you on the abdominal cramping. I woke up at 2am feeling pretty nauseous and took the top up med which got me comfortable and 3 more hours sleep. I'm taking yesterday and putting it in the win column 👍☺️

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@CandiceRG @sun46 well done on making it through your first chemo…I remember mine hit me like a ton of bricks! I felt like my head was stuffed with marsh mallow, wanted to sleep but the steroids were doing crazy stuff. I’d fall asleep and wake up in a panic because I wasn’t drinking. I had diarrhea and constipation, restless legs, headaches, a little oedema across my torso, the steroids made me sleepy and restless…but I coped. First 3 days were the worst. The nurse warned me and told me i would catch up.

They tell you to drink lots so you pee the chemo out in the first 24-48 hours.

Daily naps helped - every afternoon…

on the drinking - everything counts - soup, icecream even…you don’t have to overdo it, just keep hydrated.

I didn’t want to take the anti-emetics, but my nurse explained to me that with nausea it’s better to prevent it than try and play catch up. It’s really hard to get rid of nausea once you have it. And as I only had to take the antiemetics chemo day +2, I went for it and was never nauseous…

Hope you are giving your bodies a chance to rest - remember, that chemo is stopping cell division and cell repair - that’s why you hair falls out, your taste goes, your digestive system, nails and skin suffer. But it will pass. Essjay xx

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@Essjay , thx for the email, I felt everything you said after the first treatment. i had tremors from the inhection and steroid as it has now subsided. My bp seems to have lowered and my resting heart rate is lower than normal but I think that's to be expected. Eating is still a challenge as I still get stomach cramps from time to time. I have walking everyday but hit a wall last nite and slept thru the night from about 830. Had an emotional nite as my scalp is sensitive and some areas of my body knowing that I am going to lose my hair and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Slowly getting back to normal until next week's chemo.

@Buffythevampire @CandiceRG

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@Buffythevampire , finally got a call back about tremors and low heart rate, they got to tweak my other medications to go along with the chemo, trial and error first go around.

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@sun46 glad you got that sorted :) my heart rate was 54 last night when sitting but popped up as soon as I moved. No tremors but shaky today. Sending you strength 💓

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