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Stage1 Breast Cancer with Grade 3 ER positove
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Hello Everyone,
My mom 67 years of age was diagnosed with stage1 breast cancer in Jan. It is invasive ductal carcinoma grade3 around 1cm lesion found. Her2 is negative and er positive.

Surgery is completed. We were expecting radiation and tamoxifen as the prognosis treatment plan. As it was grade 3 , oncologist referred to onctype dx. Ubfortunately the score was around 47. Though all the criteria fit under less score i am guessing grade3 changed everything. My mom has gastric problems and pther health issues. She cant tolerate moderate pain as well. I am very worried if age can handle chemo at this stage.

Repoet says 37 percent reoccurence with tam as treatment plan. Considering her issues and the stage of cncer with no lymp nodes cancer spread i am still lwaning towards tam than chemo. The oncologist also felt it is a reasonable call. Even she was surprised with such high score for her stage of cancer. She asked ua to think and decide over it.

Just wanted to check opinions here.
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Runner Girl
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Hi @Ramon1901

I am sorry to learn of your mom's diagnosis and that she is now having to decide on chemo.

Each of us is different and will tolerate chemo differently. Do you know what kind of chemo they want to give her? If you have that I can find the list of side effects and likely some folks here who have had that who can share their stories.

I was 52 in 2018 when I received my diagnosis - IDC, ER+ and HER2+. Grade 3 - aggressive. I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy - nodes clear. I had 6 rounds of chemo. The first 2 were with Docetaxal, Carboplatin and Herceptin (for the HER2+). Round 3 we switched to Docetaxal, Cyclophosphamide and Herceptin. Rounds 4-6 were just Docetaxal and Herceptin - which I tolerated well. We had to drop the “c” drugs as the side effects were too much for me. I also have IBS-D (irritable bowel syndrome - diarrhea). I found the gut effects from the steroids and chemo really minimized my gut problems - they did come back after chemo ended.

If the chemo is too much for her they can change it or she can stop it. They also have lots of good other drugs to help minimize the side effects.

Runner Girl

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Hi @Ramon1901

I’m sorry your mom is in a place where these hard decisions have to be made. As @Runner Girl says we all respond differently and there are many things that can help with side effects. So I will just share my story as someone a bit older than your mom.

I was 70 when diagnosed with Stage 2B, Grade 3 Triple Negative BC 2 years ago. I chose to throw everything at it, starting with 4 rounds of dose dense Adriamycin and Cyclophosphamide (AC) followed by 12 weekly doses of Paclitaxel. I had side effects but they were manageable and there were always a couple of days on each AC cycle when I was extremely fatigued and spent a lot of time resting. But the second week was always better and I could meet friends for backyard visits or picnics in the parks (we were still in lockdown then).

I did have some ongoing health issues at the time I started treatment, although I was fairly active, and did develop peripheral neuropathy and an increase in arthritis from my treatment. I am also finding that recovery takes time and you need to work at it. I am still a work in progress. Was it easy? No! But would I do it all again? Absolutely!

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@Ramon1901 a suggestion might be to have her on a lighter dose of the chemo meds. I know that they will sometimes reduce the amount we get based on side effects. Maybe they stay low and go from there. I have been experiencing fairly minimal side effects so it does affect us all differently. It's possible she may have less side effects from the chemo then from the hormone blocker.

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