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I had a lumpectomy 10 days ago. The radiology report says that the marker isn’t present in the specimens the surgeon removed. Does anyone know what I can expect to have happen next? The surgeon is calling me on Monday but I’d really like some idea before then.
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Hi @JaneAgain

Waiting to hear results and next steps is the worst part of dealing with cancer I think, and I can definitely appreciate how you'd want to know a little more information or knowledge before you meet.

I had a lumpectomy about 4.5 yrs ago, and based on how chill my surgeon was before surgery, I was calm going into it. And was even pretty chill when I met him for my post surgery appointment 3 weeks later, not expecting anything too bad. But then he told me it was Stage 3, in a handful of nodes and was aggressive triple negative. The chill, calm mood quickly disappeared, and turned into a frigid panic! (Good news: today after all my treatments I'm “no evidence of disease”).

I'm glad to hear it sounds like they caught your cancer early and what happened to me is probably not going to happen with you!

Some links (below) may help give you some background info and equip you with questions to ask. Having a list of questions written down ahead of time is the most useful thing you can do, I found. For me, it helped to keep me focused when my head was going a million miles a minute, and there was a tidal wave of information coming in! I sure wish I had these links when I had my first post surgery report:

Treatments for Breast Cancer

Questions to Ask When You Have Cancer

Also the marvellous people at the Cancer Information Helpline (1 888 939 3333) may be able to answer your questions about the markers in the report.

How are you feeling post surgery? How is your recovery going?

Let us know how things go on Monday, ok?

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i guess my recovery is ok. I’ve had a lot of surgeries for other issues so I’m pretty good at recovery. And I’m also used to things being different than what I was initially presented with. Which is probably why I want to find out what is going on in advance of talking to the surgeon! Thanks for the response and support, it’s much appreciate. I’ll keep you posted

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Hello @JaneAgain! How are you doing? Hope to hear that you are taking good care. Please share if you feel comfortable to do so. We're all here for you.


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