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Radiation to/on the face?

Hello @RareC

I am going to post your question here so that all our members can see it and those who have experienced this can chime in.

RareC's question is:

Has anyone had radiation therapy on their face?😳


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@RareC ,

Hi ,

my husband had radiation to his upper neck and throat area. First time was a low dose the second time was a high dose.

His lymph nodes from the back of the ear down were quite swollen requiring the treatments .

The team here in Kitchener are quite amazing.

What type of questions do you have?

When is your treatment booked?


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It's not booked yet, we are waiting for results from Mt. Sinai. My tumor is slightly to the right between my eyes. That's what scares me.

@RareC my hubby @Nudge had several treatments of radiation to the face. I’ll have him chime in for you regarding his experience at Sunnybrook (they were awesome).

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Hello @RareC

I’m sorry to hear of your treatment concern. I’ll briefly outline my journey, then please feel free to ask me anything.

My cancer is melanoma, and first appeared as a tumour formed under the skin in front of my right cheekbone. It eventually spread to my right temple. I underwent surgery to remove the tumours, followed by immunotherapy and then radiation.

Steven @Nudge

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