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New here.
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I think I posted on my own profile. I’ll have to try again later. 🥺
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Runner Girl
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@Nowthis Pasting your comment into this post.

Hi just had my first surgery(lumpectomy and 6 lymph nodes remloved) on Nov 26, within 4 days my incision became necrotic and wasnt until I saw the 5th Dr(one week ago)that they took it seriously, so now am waiting for the hole to heal from the inside out before anything further can be done.
I’m scared of the fast growth that had taken place while waiting for surgery will continue on what is left and frustrated that I am stuck in limbo.

Wonder if anyone else has experienced this?

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good morning and welcome to the cancer connection community. this is a great place to connect with other patients and caregivers. we all ‘get it’ here.

how awful that your incision became necrotic. I have not heard of that, but of course that doesn't mean that it hasn't happened to others. the beauty of these forums is the potential to connect with folks that are experiencing similar things.

I'll just say it: what a gong show for you! I can totally appreciate your handle: #nowthis….you sound awfully calm, cool & collected.

how are you doing today? are you feeling better now that you are being treated for the necrosis? I hope the antibiotics are kicking in.
so glad that doc #5 was able to help you.

as frustrating as it all is, you must give your body time to heal. I know that I felt less panicked after my surgery(s). to me that was a very concrete way of literally taking the disease out of my body.

I hope you can enjoy some of the holidays. please let us know how things move forward for you. this community is here for you.

cheers & holiday hugs

#breastcancer #surgerysideeffects #necrosis

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Hey @Nowthis oh my goodness 5 doctors !!! I thought the 1 that ignored my symptoms was enough. I’m sorry to hear you have to wait for the healing before anything can be done. I haven’t experienced this but I’ve experienced waiting in limbo. My first treatment didn’t fully work and it was spreading in some areas. My oncologist was away and I had to wait for him to come back before knowing what was next. It is a weird feeling. So unnatural if that makes any sense. I think your heart leaps right out of your chest with the what if game. But that game sucks! Don’t play it you’ll never win!! Whatever or whoever you have that grounds you try and lean in to that. Keep in mind they do have a course of action and there is stability in that ❤️ We are all here for you.

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