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I am so tired of cancer and trying to recover.
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I had my surgery on Sept. 23. They did an upper right lobectomy and a section of the middle lung. The tumor was sitting at the bottom of the upper lobe.

I got the path report yesterday. It is definitely from last year's colon cancer that had escaped the main site in the colon. No other cancer was found. So hopefully that is the end of the cancer.

Now for the recovery. I have coughing spells. Nothing comes up. It is a dry cough. And the odd time something does come out it has always been clear. But it is exhausting.

I do my breathing exercises or the coughing gets worse. I have no appetite. I have to sleep sitting up. My C-PAP machine won't let me breathe so I am not using it.

I have been very stressed due to other things going on so have resorted to sounds of waves on the TV all night to keep me asleep. It seems to be working.

On top of that I seem to have damaged the bursa in my right hip. Getting into bed is usually easy. Getting out or getting dressed or worse putting on a pair of socks is a nightmare of pain. So I have actually asked a couple of neighbors to help me put on my socks.

My neighbors have been great. Feeding me. A few are making Thanksgiving dinner for me. One gives me regular doses of chocolate when I get too depressed by all of this.

It has been 22 months of cancer and recovery and cancer and recovery. I just want this to be over.

One bright spot - I just became a great grandmother to a beautiful baby girl. Can't wait to meet her but that will have to wait until I can travel.

People say they are impressed with how I have handled this. Is there a choice? You do what you have to do. I'm not impressed but then I might be too tired to be impressed by anything I do right now. Maybe in 6 months.

I did build a large garden this summer though. Tomatoes (6 kinds), cucumber (2 kinds), peppers (3 kinds), garlic, onions. At least something was growing besides cancer.

Almost everything used to build the garden was recycled. We have a lot of wildlife so needs walls to keep them out. Amazing how determined they are to eat everything.

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WOW - it never rains, it pours!
what a time you have had over these last 2 years.
but, as a gardener you also know that the sun WILL shine again……

what an amazing garden….and I love that you recycled all the materials….I am a master composter, (ha ha - one of the most random things about me), so I appreciate the reuse lifestyle. I would LOVE to be your neighbour, they all must eat very well during growing season.
sounds like you not only cultivate a great garden, but a fantastic bunch of friends who are neighbours. how lovely that you have folks nearby to help you out when needed.

I am so so sorry for your ongoing issues! sounds like absolutely no fun at all. :(
yep - I guess we don't know how strong we are until we have to be!

congratulations on your new great grand baby - cute baby pics are always so heartwarming. I truly hope that you can travel to see her very soon. thank goodness for zoom and other techy stuff that lets us be a part of lives very far away.

I hope you are able to enjoy some good food with those fantastic neighbours of yours…..turkey & chocolate should be a perfect Rx!


#sometimesitsalongroadtorecovery #strongaswehavetobe

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@supersu Never rains. Had to go into the hospital last night. After a really bad coughing fit I couldn't catch my breath so I went back to the emergency. They could hear how bad my breathing was ever after 4 hours. 2 x rays. 2 CT scans and I am still in one piece.

This morning a Dr comes to me and asks about another growth in my LEFT lung!!! NO ONE has mentioned that before. But she showed me a previous CT scan with IV contrast. It clearly says there is an enlarging nodule of the lower left lobe measuring 8mm and compare it to a similar test done June 24, 2021 when it measured 4 mm.

I have no other reports that say anything about this.

I will be talking to my Drs before my appointment on the 28th. I need to know what this is asap.

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OMGawd! that is too much!
enough rain already!!!

I wonder why the L sided stuff was never mentioned before.
is there anyone you can talk to this weekend on your team?
I also have nodules that are in a constant state of flux. I have CTs every 3 - 6 months to monitor them. my specialist has told me that with the advanced diagnostics there are LOTS of things that show up, that they are obliged to monitor, that more times than not turn out to be perfectly benign. I have a history of asthma and take a million pills for an inflammatory condition; she attributes my lung stuff to all that….but better safe than sorry….I would rather have the extra diagnostic radiation exposure and the almost never ending SCANXIETY than not knowing what these things are doing!

perhaps with this new information you experts can offer you some other type of treatments that could possibly help the other symptoms.

if not, (and I know this will sound absolutely insane)…..just try to somehow block this from your thoughts and get thru to Tuesday when you can address it.

good for you for going to the hospital - at least now you know the whole picture.


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I think you are doing everything right and as best you can. My wife is into her 4th recurrence in ten years even though "it never should have happened" according to doctors.

I was diagnosed with cancer last year and after one year of dealing with surgery, then radiation (because the surgery wasn't fully successful), then injections every 3 months I too wonder when this will stop. Like you I find relief in the garden and just keep going telling myself this is a war, my body is the battleground, and I am going to win, dammit!

Best wishes.

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@supersu There isn't anyone over the weekend so I will have to wait. Thanks for that info. It helps a lot

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@DSJ I can't imagine what you are both going through. Makes me feel silly about complaining. But not breathing is a pretty big issue. A neighbor suggested a trick she used to use with her son. Stand in front of the open fridge or freezer. it opens the lungs up fast.

My best wishes to both of you

Cynthia Mac
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Hi, @Lillee , I’m sorry to hear you’re news.

A dry cough after lung surgery is quite common. My Dad had it after his. I’m glad you’re doing your breathing exercises - they’re important!

Are you on any medications that could have coughing as a side effect? I have a friend who is a BC survivor, and she has a medication that has a cough as a side effect. It might be something to ask about.

@WestCoastSailor has had a cough related to lung surgery, too. Perhaps he can offer some thoughts here.

Congratulations on your new great granddaughter!

I have had a post lobectomy cough for 4 months now. Things I found useful include chewing gum, and drinking lots of water. I have seen my specialist who said this can be a result of irritation from being intubated during surgery. I have also been taking a prescription for acid reflux which has been helping. With time it should get better. Coughing after lung surgery is a very common. If it’s not getting better keep going back to the specialists.

I agree that we have no choice when it comes to cancer so when people say they are inspired it can be annoying. But I do remember from my pre cancer days thinking the same thing about others with cancer. It’s a natural reaction because it’s something no one wants to have to face.

You are resilient and strong that is for sure. Its lovely you have the support of neighbours and a lovely great grand child. I also find solace in gardening and love all those veggies you are growing!

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@supersu I did talk to my daughter yesterday. She wasn't doing anything. Husband went hunting, teenage son with girlfriend, younger daughter working so she is alone. I will spend a quite day here alone. A friend will come to take out the a/c. So not much.

Yes I can see another round of covid coming for all those people who STILL believe they can do what they want. I did get the result of my covid test when I was in the hospital. NEGATIVE so there is a bright spot. This was my third test. The nurse said if you hum while they put that stick up your nose it isn't as bad. So I hummed. It still wasn't great but it was better and the after effect of still feeling it wasn't there. So… HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Glad you enjoyed your dinner

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@Cynthia Mac The only medication I am on is Gabapentin so I am safe from meds. Already roamed the halls twice and did my breathing exercises. Had to stick my head in the freezer last light to stop another severe attack. it actually worked. But I did get the puffer just in case.

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@Elizabeth60 Thanks for the ideas. Good to know this is “normal” even though I hate it.

Most of the garden is down but this is still up and blooming. I have 17 feet of Dahlias across the front of the garden. Some are over 5 feet high. Everyone comes by to admire and enjoy them. They make everyone smile.


A large plant with at least a dozen open flowers at all times
The Bee Loves to sleep here. He stuffs himself and goes back to sleep.
Large Dahlia
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