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numb feet and shoes
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I have been suffering from neuropathy in one foot but at the same time, anything touching it or anything on the foot is painful or extremely unpleasant.

I have been wearing crocs because they are open and my foot does well with it. The problem is winter is coming and I am in a bit of a panic as to what to wear. I can't fit in my shoes as my ankle is swollen and I can even touch my foot as it is so unpleasant!

Anyone has any suggestions as to what footwear? Did you have the same issue?

Thanks for your help!

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good morning Julie!

I don't have neuropathy, but I do have a broken foot for the last year and a half (crazy) so I do know the discomfort of constant 24/7 foot pain. I am so sorry you are dealing with this!

crocs have really stepped up their game. folks at work are all sporting them once again….everyone loves them – everything old is new again….

they do have ‘winter versions’…that should be quite comfortable on your feet???

let us know what you find…I am sure there are other folks with the same problems.


#neuropathy #crocsarecoolagain



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Thanks Supersu for your advice! I am so sorry about your foot, and hope it finally gets better.

I will definitely check on the Crocs Winter version and do some more research.

All the best!

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@Julie44 I am sorry to hear about your painful feet. Neuropathy is also a common condition for diabetics. They have diabetic socks which are non constricting and SAS shoes makes shoes that are excellent for diabetics. They can be found at higher end shoe stores. If you have access to a shoe store like that, it may be worth a trip to consult with them.

I was fortunate to not have any remaining neuropathy from chemo, but I have had “bad” feet my whole life. I feel for you.

I hope you can find something that works for you.

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Jane Doe
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Water shoes work great! They are made of neoprene, are warm, keep your feet dry, & most importantly put no pressure on your feet. I developed Nuralgia on my feet from Pustular Psoriasis years ago & could not tolerate even the slightest bit of pressure but once I tried the water shoes I was surprised (It’s hard not wearing any shoes in winter!!) 😧 My nerve damaged has since healed, but I still wear water shoes in fall & winter….they are so comfortable (& cheap too!). 😄

Jane Doe
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Water shoes that I get from Walmart….

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I bought 2 pairs of stretchy Skechers shoes about 2 years ago. They are cloth & stretch fabric so there is no tightness in my foot. I wear those shoes all day, in and out of the house. One pair is outside shoe & other is inside shoe.

I suffered with numbness from chemo in my feet. I used TENS unit during treatments to help with circulation & keep the numbness & tingling to a minimum.

Also I have Edema in left leg/foot that causes swelling if I SIT too much. Keeping active & moving helps with keeping the tendency of swelling down to minimum.

I also stopped wearing socks about 18 months ago. My family doctor noticed that elastic in top of socks was cutting circulation in foot & causing ankle to swell. No socks even during winter and it is -30 C here in the winters.

With this regime I no longer need to wear compression socks for the swollen feet/legs.

Cynthia Mac
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OMG, supersu‍ - I’d seen the “fuzzy slipper” crocs, but not the winter boot ones! That’s funny!

For those of you with tight sock issues, have any of you tried “slouchy” socks? They don’t have much elastic around the top, and they tend to “rumple’ down around the ankle. What about leg warmers? You could get them at dance and skate shops, I would expect, or, if you know a knitter who does custom work...

I’m an absolute bear if my ankles get cold, so I’m always looking for solutions to keep me from “going all Ursa.”
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