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First Day of Treatment and Cold Cap experience
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My first chemo treatment did not go as well as I hoped. I was told by several people at the hospital prior to treatment that I would be able to use Cold Caps throughout my treatment, however when I got to the hospital today, the nurses in the chemo room told me they would not allow us to take the cooler and materials into the treatment. I was absolutely devastated. The nurses stated there was a BC Cancer policy online that states the Cold caps are not allowed in treatment but NOBODY told me about this policy prior! So I have been cold capping since I completed treatment today. It’s been about 4 hours.
I am shocked that the cold capping is not allowed here and I believe patients should have a right to do what they need during treatment and after to help them during this extremely difficult time. Especially If you have your support person is willing to put the caps on for you without needing the nurses support.
I am so disappointed at the miscommunication at the hospital and how the decision was made by the nurses so last minute. I was discouraged and heart broken that I wasn’t able to follow through with my plan and given the choice to cold cap.
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Runner Girl
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Hello @Jaspreet

Before I had my first chemo for breast cancer I asked my oncologist about cold capping to save my hair. I was advised it was not recommended as they were seeing a lot of cancers showing up on people's heads from using it. I did request ice for my hands and feet at the cancer centre during my docetaxal infusion to help avoid neuropathy and save my finger/toe nails. The cancer centre had special ice bags with a ziplok top and side pocket for you to slide your hand/foot into. I lost my hair 14 days after my first chemo so I rocked a variety of colorful head covers and long dangly earrings. My hair came back a fantastic silver color that is all the fashion rage right now.

I hope you are well after your treatment.

Runner Girl

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oh gosh….what a shame that you were surprised by this information! ugh….was a hard day for you, I'm sure, and then to be denied that must have been so upsetting.

sounds like you are doing the next best thing by cold capping post hospital treatment.

every hospital has a patient liaison. I hear your frustration and sadness. as it is a published policy, you may not be able to change it, but if you are interested in voicing your displeasure you should reach out to those folks.

good luck with the procedure going forward. let us know how you are moving along.


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