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Bone marrow suppression
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The treatment I am under have the doctors check > The CBC tests a lab every month to check for bone marrow suppression by look at the levels if wbc , if they are too low , And if rbc R enlarged , or abnormal levels

. And again the numbers are showing low with enlarged Macrophages rbc . Does it mean my bone marrow is suppressed ?

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Hi @elle29,

Did you mean the white cells are low and the red cells are large?

Macrophages are white blood cells that aid in the destruction of bacteria, help wounds to heal, and activate other immune cells. A reduction in macrophages reduces this activity.

Causes of macrocytosis, large red cells, can include medications, low B12 and low folate. (Do not take these supplements without physician approval. They may interfere with cancer treatments.)

I hope your oncologist can provide answers to your questions. It sounds as if they are monitoring this closely if they are checking it every month so that’s good.

Also, a dietician may be able to tell you what foods to eat to increase B12 and/or folate, if you meant that your red cells are large. I noticed an improvement in energy when my B12 was within an acceptable range again and the large red cells returned to normal. For low B12, dieticians are quick to recommend liver (blech!) Great if you can eat it. I have been drinking almond milk and oat milk that has B12 in the ingredients to keep it within a normal range throughout my treatments.

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Macrophages are ENlarged red red.blood cells .If levels are off they can cause Macrocytosis Fatigue instead of injection for Vit B 12 he said to take it Over 6 mths left that way can be worse , Leukemia , stomach cancer .
It was a GPO that read the results from my local Hospital 🏥. I usually go do these labs of doing this Hemoglobin Profile . This time twice actually 3 times as levels were very low for Neutrophils 2 months now . Neutrophils r wbc causing infection requires hospitization for Neutropenia . Concerned for @Dauntless a 5 yr young grandson .

And bc I am on a AI systemic treatment plan . But this does not quqlify me for boosters meds others get for low Neutrophils being also too costly no Universal Health Care coverage by the province or,private health benefits . That some get after finishing chemo or rad. So my Primary Medical Onco said IV Chemo would cause death.for me . And radiation is prophylactic .( Besides I had enough IV systemic nuclear fluids injected over 2 weeks for scans .
S2020 @supersu @Running Girl
Yes it is protocol for my treatment plan to do CBC a Hemoglobin Profile blood labs every 21 days Juqt as toxic as hospital chemo but suppresses the bone marrow too not sure which one Aristrozole Hormone Inhibitor or I brane cancer cell inhibitor both targeted systematic .
Except this time I was too low so they repeat & wait . Repeat and wait .
It’s been 2 months of lows ‘ . And I am now quite fatigued and very very weak . So they will lower my dose of AI /Aromataze Inhibitor . I feel like telling them I am too weak . They won’t give me booster wbc injections . What am I suppose to do , die ? @Lianne_Moderator . I am concerned for @Cupcakes & @supersu cannot connect lately though typing her name in discussions , groups .

All I do is sleep , try connect on line , my dog lays with me or nearby. My 3 family I usually face time are away , one sick from Moderna 2 nd Vax . Wonderful grandchildren when I can go see them r busy lovely home nearby . Oh grand son well busy boy to baby sit keep company or cut grass for gran . Granddaughter working 2 jobs she loves at pool id love to be in and First month University not heard from . I have not told my mum about the cancer to protect her , not seen her 2 years nor call when I am weak, bc she senses being blind ….. I must go fly out to TO to see her .Sept best here .

I try to get up to eat pre- pared got groceries I had to get myself that finished me off .Try to vote tomorrow . I moved so no neighbours nice enough as friends to pop by , but report me planting flowers or destroy them . Though trying no church online connects , any more who care . I walk to the mailbox a day a week with dog . And spoke to my GP . Who wants me to do more blood iron test , with diabetes ACI test .Th lab did not send .

I am dragging around , like I drag the garbage to the curb funny laughing . Yes I am very immune compromised now . Have to go vote in person . Told,it was too late to mail in . I suppose I could ask if they could bring it to me . I try eat once a day .

… My daughter a unvaxr. nurse is coming to do some helps she said here today AM lives in a isolated community island only by small ferry boat . It may pick me up bc I love to see her in hugs masked . As from the history that I went through to have her conceived bleeding for months when married who found another woman having lost his career .So I do not want to bleed from Macrocytosis . With all that he continued acromouniously with support to make a point back he would not mediate in person though trying that too and then her dad took her by help of his new women , + lawyers and police .left like this for 16 years and even when she married . Men get like that when pride is ticked or confidence crushed having been sadly downsized . He got a lot of support and EAS severance cutting us off private health care . I did not understand the ramifications but abandoning , & writing he wanted to dispose of me .
So now that is all behind bc I live where her sisters are too to hug hold, embrace any time except working .But they said they will not give care except practical helps . So I stay shut in more , do none of the outside things , I loved bc of COVID & low immunity .

I don’t want them to reduce my med bc I am so close to being NED I hope 🙏 one tiny spot . But will have to being fatigued , ongoing now . I’ve unsubscribed receiving so many CC posts , now sunscribed but a few to answer stay connected .

Dieticiens have been spoken to twice , they just Email copy what’s on Cancer site for what is online for loose bowels , I had corn on sale rack , prepeeled , . And suggested not to eat fibre foods , but white bread , no seeded , peel veggies & fruit. I eat sandwiches premade not processed meat , bought, as salads yogurts & take flax oil pills. Also diabetic take 2 insulin’s . Use Magic Mouthwash sometimes . Nothing strong for pain I have in knee . And now the Astrisozol makes me super hot dehydrated & so cut that out on 7;days off part of cycle as it causes Osteoporisis, very irsty hard to control getting up have to watch my vol. . I use a walker inside , canes or carriages out … I an so blessed by my GP and Primary Oncologist when he was around.
Faint and weak this weekend I don’t want to go to Emerge wait long to pay another bill .Hope to restore back . Thnku kindly for your response , God bless,

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@elle29, you have a lot happening. I am sorry you feel weak and fatigued. I hear your hope in wanting to get to N.E.D. and it sounds as if you are doing everything you can. I also hear your frustration in not getting the wbc injections. I was at the chemo clinic on Friday for an infusion and I heard a nurse telling a patient that it is not always the best option for a patient. It varies from person to person, depending on their medical conditions. It sounds as if medical staff are keeping a close check on your bloodwork so it’s good they are monitoring all of that.

That’s great your daughter, a nurse, will be visiting you today. You sound excited about her visit and her hugs. I am glad you have that visit to look forward to today. Great, too, that you have a dog that stays close by. Pets are family, too! What is your dog’s name? Is your dog the little cutie that was peeking behind you in a recent picture?

Hopefully, the family you talk with on FaceTime will be available again soon. Wishing you a pleasant visit with your daughter today.

Hello @elle29 I have edited your post to tag those members on your behalf. I hope you start feeling better and more energetic soon and that you had a good visit with your daughter.


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I did a little searching and found several studies from a few years ago regarding Ibrance and an Aromatase Inhibitor. I also came across the Ibrance patient guide.

Here is the link to that guide: https://www.ibrance.co.nz/sites/default/files/2020-12/pzr0536_ibrance_patient_guide_2.pdf

On page 12 is a patient diary where you can track your side effects, you may find this useful.

Page 7 is the beginning of their suggestions of how to manage the side effects.

The US clinical trial for the combination of Ibrance/Anastrozle is still ongoing and results are expected in 2022.

I hope you have a nice visit with your daughter.

Runner Girl

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how are you feeling today Elle?

did you get some rest in yesterday after your busy Sunday??

it is simply beautiful here in Alberta - the sun is shining and forecast to be about 20 degrees. the leaves are changing colors and I have a coffee date at 11:00! I am in heaven….

hope you have some family time today and can enjoy a tea and a sit in nature in your paradise.

keep your face to the sun, friend.



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