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Treatment reduction
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3 Hemoglobin profile lab tests results showed low level Neutrophils decline , Macrocytosis , and fatigue . And have given the physicians involved to decide to intervene and lower my dosage of Ibrance for me . The wbc Neutrophils levels were 0.8 & 0.6 the critical level is 0.5 . They told me the protocol for boosting these with meds injections is not done . Preferring to reduce the treatment meds .
I was concerned of further cancer spread , since so far it the AI , treatment , has been successful in reducing my cancer existing spots of spread illuminating one area back to normal between the artery & heart ♥️ . And told it is often done , for many çancer patients, receiving medication adjustments and improve quality of life .

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good morning elle-

sounds like your team is taking good care of you!
let us know, as things move along, if you get some of your energy back after this medication adjustment.

enjoy the weekend in your paradise with your beautiful family.


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Elle, I am not one to blindly follow doctors' orders unquestioningly, so you are right to ask for explanations and to challenge them. But it's often said that cancer treatment is the fine art of killing as many cancer cells as possible without killing the patient in the process. It sounds like your team is adept at practicing their art. It's no good to be NED, but die from the effects of the medication. Are they proposing to increase surveillance to ensure that you don't have a sudden resurgence of cancer growth? Perhaps someone on the same regimen could chime in with their experience? Please keep us posted on how this all works out! ♥️


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