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Seroma issue
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Well everyone always listen to your bodies and push for seeing Dr. Earlier this week I had a lot of pain , swelling , numbness still on my right breast where tumour and lymph nodes were removed , left side feels fairly normal . Could not even hold onto railing with right hand with out pain going thru chest , talked to the nurse navigator for breast cancer and she assured me it was normal (I am at almost 6 weeks post double mastectomy). Yesterday I called the surgeon , he got me in right away and said I have a large amount of fluid build up which would be causing all the pain so today I go to plastic surgeon to have it all drained .. so push push even if you are unsure as I would of gone through another weekend in pain if I had listened to nurse :-(
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Runner Girl
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Oh goodness, that sounds painful. Thank goodness the surgeon stepped up with a solution. Hoping you feel much better after the fluid is drained.

Runner Girl

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Hey @Coffeelover and @Runner Girl

I also developed a seroma after the 1st surgery in the pelvis that lead to my cancer diagnosis. Mine self drained, as I bent over to tie my shoes on the first day back to work in June 2016. A gush of fluid drained out of the area. I'd felt a fullness, but not like the pain you experienced. I spoke with a nurse at work that told me that it was a normal part of the healing process. Fluid builds up to protect an area of injury or surgery while healing. Glad you got it resolved. The things they don't tell us - we could all write books!

Keep well


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good for you! it is hard to be a patient sometimes.
I don't know about you, but I always hate ‘bugging’ them with stuff….but hey---I've never had cancer before and don't know what is ‘normal’.

yeah you for listening and then acting on your body's signals that something wasn't right!! and thank you for the post….it will certainly help others who might be in the same boat!

have a lovely (less painful) weekend

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