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Hair regrowth
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Does anyone know if herceptin slows down the process of hair growing back ? I’m finished taxol as of 4 weeks ago but will be on tratuzamab and pertuzamab for next 9 months after double mastectomy . 4 weeks and no sign of hairs coming in anywhere !

let me know any thoughts !

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@Coffeelover When I was on only Herceptin, my hair did grow. I had fairly thick, curly hair for about a year after chemo. It was when I started Letrozole (hormone blocker) that my hair changed again. It still grows but it's thin and straight.

Flower lady
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Hi i have also completed taxol treatments that were 2 weeks on 1 week off , every three weeks I was also given the pertuzumab & trastuzumab . Now that the taxol treatments are done and I continue on the other two medications my hair has slowly started to come back in . But it is not growing very fast . I can feel little bristles on my scalp tho under the new growth so hopefully it will thicken up a bit . The regrowth is very fine and a lovely mouse brown with some grey throughout ( I can’t wait to colour it ) . But it is hair lol . I am also pleased to have eye brows and eye lashes growing again . I finished taxol at the first of May and my hair is about ½ long .

I hope you see some regrowth soon.


Hi Coffeelover - I'm on Trastuzumab (Herzuma) and my hair is growing back steadily, a little darker than before.

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Funny I was going to ask this exact question today. I'm also four weeks past my last Taxol treatment and also on Herceptin/Trastuzumab until April of next year. To my surprise my hair started to grow back about a week before my last Taxol treatment, but it's only growing around the bottom of my head, making me look like an old balding man! The top of my head has a few wisps but that's it while the ring around the bottom is really filling in and growing quite quickly. Has anyone else experienced their hair coming back in patches rather than all over at the same time?

I'll be starting Letrozole in September, after my month of radiation, and taking it for 5 to 10 years. I've read one of the side effects is thinning hair. My hair was very fine before chemo so I'm a bit worried about that. It's been very tough for me losing my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows, I'm sure you can all relate, and I'm so hoping it all comes back.

My other question is in regards to skin. I've aged considerably since my cancer journey started late last year. The skin on my face breaks out but it's also dry and I've got so many more wrinkles than before, even though I moisturize multiple times a day. I don't know if it's from worry or from chemo or a combination of both. Has anyone else found this?

Lulu Paris
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@Coffeelover I am 8 months post chemo and have one Kadcyla treatment left. Kadcyla is Hercepting boosted with chemo without the normal chemo side effects. I have a full head of hair. It has been cut a couple of times for uneven growth. It does take a while to start coming in but Herceptin should not impede progress. My last chemo was October and by January I was able to go without a hat or headcovering to work. Have sported a pixie since then. Good luck!

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Hi ShoraCoffeelover‍ I'd like to share my hair/skin journey with you.
I was IDC Stage lla/Grade 3 (one + lymph node), Est- Prog- HER2+. Surgery April 1, 2020 then 6 rounds of Docetaxol, Carboplatin, Herceptin. Herceptin continued until April 20, 2021. 16 rounds radiation October 2020.
My hair was grown in enough to cover my head with a layer of grey fuzz by October 20, but thinner at the temple triangle areas. It is now between 2.5" and 4". Longer hairs are at the back, shorter on top. A short-banged mullet with curls in the back, waves at the sides, and frizz on the top front! Not yet a good look to go without some type of head covering (ballcap, wig, my own braids that I pin on a hairband and tuck under a buff) outside of my house, but I am grateful it did come back and quite thick as I had mid-back length hair before C. I have started PRP injections at the top front and sides (3 treatments, a month apart) to nourish my scalp and hopefully "wake up" the hair that isn't growing back as well. No guarantees, not cheap ($1800) but it can't hurt to try.
My skin and nails were beautiful all during chemo! My face was rosy and full, nails long and smooth. Well it seems that after chemo, my face sort of "deflated" as a result of the dexamethasone swelling disappearing. New wrinkles and saggy bits seemed to come from nowhere, but I expect some are from chemo damage, and some from accumulated natural aging (I am 61) that I'd almost forgotten about with my temporary rosy face but were still happening. Nails still have vertical white lines and are very fragile and prone to splitting. I never had any discolouration, never lost any). Clear nail polish is a must, and I keep them short.
I am getting bi-annual, 30 minute IVs of Zometa (Zoledronic acid) for some bone loss and to hopefully prevent cancer from spreading to bones of it ever came back. I had achy, flu-like symptoms for a day or two after the treatment but that's it. First IV was February, next one August and will get a total of 6 over 3 years. I had a dental checkup and cleaning just before.
Nearly a year now since finishing chemo. The 5 lbs I put on during treatment are long gone, strength and fitness levels are back to pre-C and have been for several months. Eyelashes that reduced to about 25% (but not till 10 weeks after chemo!) grew back to normal a couple of months later and have stayed put. I never did have much in the way of eyebrows but have become more skilled at drawing them in.
Watery eyes (Herceptin??) have finally gone but I had them for about a year.
Chemo brain was noticeable from about halfway through chemo and lingered for about 6 months. It was hard to concentrate, couldn't even get through a more than a couple of pages of a book. Forgetful, and stumbled over words. All good now except my memory isn't always the best.
I do have some tingling in my feet, but nothing that stops me from my normal activities or hikes.
I am waiting for a consult with a plastic surgeon to talk about DIEP reconstruction on my left side after the mastectomy. It's been about 6 weeks since meeting with my surgeon, she said I would likely get a call before end of summer. Luckily I have a perfectly sized little band of fat on my abdomen, lol I guess there was a reason I could never get rid of that!
Ok I may have overshared but once I started ... Wishing you all the best with pre-, during and after-treatment. I hope this information is helpful!
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@Lefty2 thanks so much for sharing that! It's very helpful to hear others' experiences.

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@Coffeelover This is a great question and one I have wondered about since my cancer treatment. I was diagnosed in 2016 with IDC E+ HER2+ in my right breast. I underwent chemo, simple mastectomy and radiation as a well Herceptin treatment for a year every 3 weeks until June of 2017.

I lost all of my hair, everywhere. What has returned is extremely fine, thin and straight. The hair on my head had always been fine, however I had lots of hair and there was a slight wave. My eyebrows are almost invisible so I fill them in everyday. My lashes have finally returned to pre-cancer length, however mascara is a must.

A month prior to my cancer dx, I started synthroid for low thyroid. I have read that condition also causes hair thinning and hair loss.

I will complete anastrozole the end of this year (I have been taking it for 5 years). It too can cause hair issues. I remain hopeful that once off the AI I might see a difference for the better.

I wish you well on your journey and lots of good hair days to come 🙂

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