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Hair regrowth
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Does anyone know if herceptin slows down the process of hair growing back ? I’m finished taxol as of 4 weeks ago but will be on tratuzamab and pertuzamab for next 9 months after double mastectomy . 4 weeks and no sign of hairs coming in anywhere !

let me know any thoughts !

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@Coffeelover When I was on only Herceptin, my hair did grow. I had fairly thick, curly hair for about a year after chemo. It was when I started Letrozole (hormone blocker) that my hair changed again. It still grows but it's thin and straight.

Flower lady
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Hi i have also completed taxol treatments that were 2 weeks on 1 week off , every three weeks I was also given the pertuzumab & trastuzumab . Now that the taxol treatments are done and I continue on the other two medications my hair has slowly started to come back in . But it is not growing very fast . I can feel little bristles on my scalp tho under the new growth so hopefully it will thicken up a bit . The regrowth is very fine and a lovely mouse brown with some grey throughout ( I can’t wait to colour it ) . But it is hair lol . I am also pleased to have eye brows and eye lashes growing again . I finished taxol at the first of May and my hair is about ½ long .

I hope you see some regrowth soon.


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