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Folfiri and picc
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Well was very concerned about picc insertion and was painless so worried about nothing. Vvery much appreciated comments I received.

Had first chemo last Wednesday with lots of fatigue and two small sets of diarrhea. No other bowel movements. Is this normal when being given folfiri. Perhaps someone has experienced this. Going to call cancer clinic tomorrow but wondering if anyone else experienced this.



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@Luke I thought that maybe the people who gave you feedback about a picc insertion might be able to answer your question. I also thought they might be interested in what your experience was like. You can follow this link to get back to your original post.


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Having some information on what to expect can help, that's great that your picc insertion was painless! As for side effects & experiences, my husband didn't have many side effects at the beginning of his treatments but fatigue and diarrhea did come after several cycles.

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