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Surgical Menopause and other side effects of Radical Hysterectomy
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Writing this in hopes that anyone on a similar journey might find this helpful or has insight. Does anyone reading this have experience with surgical menopause? I recently had a radical hysterectomy and laparoscopic lymph node dissection. I'm looking to learn about new ways to heal and support my body in hormonal changes.



  • A lot of pressure on my bladder and inconsistent urination. It's not a UTI.
  • Sharp pains where the open surgery site was( occasionally), Dizzy, Hot flashes, Very tired, Tightness in chest, Difficulty falling asleep.


  • Hot flashes, forgetful, teary.


  • Would love to hear what kind of medical interventions you might have used?
  • I'd also love to hear about any alternative treatments that you might have used.
  • If any of you have worked with someone practicing alternative medicine, who specializes in cancer, recovery, and hormonal intervention, I'd be so grateful for any leads.

Thank you

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Runner Girl
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Hello @Newtocancer

I would like to introduce you to @YEG-Heather , she has posted on the same topic recently. You two may have much to discuss.

Runner Girl

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