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Chemo, radiation and brachy therapy
So today the oncologist told me that chemo, radiation and brachy therapy are my only treatment options for my cervical cancer When I asked questions his answers were very vague so I am turning to you guys hoping that anyone who has had or is having the same type of treatment will reach out and share their experience with me
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Butterfly‍ I believe IamJay‍ and Carjac87‍ went through this treatment regime .. I apologize if I'm mistaken......but you have every right to get a second opinion if you are not comfortable with this . Another oncologist may have another option for you. I dont have experience with this but you can also call the cancer info line to ask more questions if you need more information about it. 1888 939 3333. They are very kind and informative.
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butterflyz13‍, having been diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2017, I underwent 3 sessions of brachytherapy radiation....no chemo.

I found the experience to be painless & quick. Very much like having a pap test, only my legs were much higher up in the stirrups. A cylinder was inserted into my vagina...a bit uncomfy but not at all painful...& then I was left alone in the room while the radiation process took place. Technicians & nurse were watching over me from behind safety glass. My choice of music (blues) was played to help relax me. Once the process was over, in a matter of minutes, everyone came back into the room, removed the cylinder & I was helped up off the table. If I had been working at the time, I would have immediately returned to my job...there were no uncomfortable or serious immediate aftereffects.

A couple of months after my sessions, I found I was more tired than usual, so took naps frequently. Also, I found slight bowel & bladder incontinence. Bladder .... when coughing, sneezing, laughing etc. Bowel ... having to head to the bathroom immediately, waiting was not an option.

Overall, I found the whole experience to be quite mild.

Someone who has had many more radiation sessions may have had a totally different experience & I'm sure there will be others who will respond.

I wish you well on your journey...take care of you & please don't hesitate to reach out here, there is always someone to listen!

Thank you for taking the time. I know everybody is different but having some idea of what to expect will help. Can I ask what stage were you? How big was your tumor?
Thanks Joanne
Thanks Brighty. I did speak with Carjac87 and while my treatment is going to be a bit longer it helped to hear some positive things about the treatment
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I was stage 1, & ... I'm really bad at the terminology admittedly .... I also had a stage 2 (some other term I think) that was by my cervix, so that too was removed. I had been having D & C's & biopsies for over a year due to bleeding at a post-menopausal age & finally, something showed up. Thankfully it was early (August) & at the end of September I had my hysterectomy...radiation happened 8 weeks later.

Hope this helps some!

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