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Nerve Damage Treatments?
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Has anyone experienced nerve damage and found a way to reverse it or repair the damage?
I had a sinus tumor that was pushing on the nerves and my eye causing the right side of my face to become numb including the right side of my tongue. I have tried heat and cold, exercising and massaging the area but nothing so far seems to work.
Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful. Any kind of supplements or treatments I should try? I know some damage is irreversible but I am trying what I can in case I can get some feeling back.
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I had nerve damage a decade ago from my sacrum having being misaligned for an extended period of time, which caused the nerves to fire randomly every few seconds (like a phone vibrating with an incoming text), not painful but excruciatingly annoying and stressful. I tried a lot at the time - eliminating dairy, wheat, coffee, or adding kelp or other dietary stuff. I stumbled across a message board where other women had the same issue and one commenter mentioned Benfotiamine for nerve repair. It's a form of vitamin B1. I got the AOR B Complex (most supplement stores should have it, so does Amazon), and I finally started to have weekly improvement and the nerve firing/vibrating finally resolved completely about 9 months after that. I took the 3 capsules per day recommended on the bottle. Certainly worth a try, good luck!
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I've had nerve damage for a few years in my feet which was aggravated by chemo. The doctor had tried me on both pregabalin (lyrica) and gabatein which apparently are the most common medications for nerve damage, they both do work but I couldn't tolerate the side effects but either one of them may work for you.
I do use epsom salts which help but I don't know if you could maybe soak a face cloth in a solution of some then hold it to your face.
The one thing I did find finally that works is capsaicin cream, my doctor told me just recently to use a topical cream at .1 percent content which I couldn't find even through my pharmacy, they only have. 75 percent. I was checking online and noticed there were instructions on how to make your own. The ingredients are so simple and very easy to make I didn't think it would help. Most of the sites said it takes two weeks to get any benefit but I noticed a change within about 3-4 days. I have been using it now about three weeks and it's really made a difference. The pain, numbness etc are very much decreased. You can google the "how to make capsaicin cream" i used the recipe with only three ingredients , cayenne pepper, (I increased the amount they advised over time) coconut oil and beeswax but there are other versions as well.
If you try one of the medications or the cream please let me know how it/they work out for you
Hope you have a great day

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I have some nerve damage in both feet, (my toes) from my chemo treatments, (which I only finished 3 weeks ago, so I'm still recovering from that fun). To help with the neuralgia & swelling, I bought a foot massager machine from Amazon. It is definitely helping me & was well worth the cost when compared to getting physio or massage therapy at a clinic. It was: RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with Heat and Remote, (which had a $40 off coupon). It also can go up to size 12 so my other family members can & do use it. It has a pressure mode & a massage mode, which you can do together or separately. Anyhow, that's what helped me.
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