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Surgeon selection
Tiffany G
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I am being cared for by the Breast Health Clinic and they set me up with a surgeon for surgery in two weeks. Do most people just go with the general surgeon that they are assigned to or do others get a second opinion?
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@Tiffany G Hello and welcome from BC !

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Tiffany G‍ welcome!!!! I suppose it would depend on how comfortable you feel with the surgeon you are assigned to after meeting him/her.....if you feel confident about the answers you are getting after the meeting.............if you dont feel comfortable or like what you hear you have every right to get a second opinion. My fiance had a different type of cancer, but we were not satisfied with what he had to say at all. Didnt like his bedside manner either. We got a more skillful surgeon who was much more confident that he could do the surgery and get good results.
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Tiffany G‍ Welcome and good question!

When i was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, the plan was surgery first. I was sent to a surgeon who I really trusted and felt listened to me. I agree with Brighty‍ 's comments about seeing how you feel at the appt.

It helps to go prepared with some questions. I found this document helpful as a quide to some questions, I may not have thought of.

32099-questions-to-ask-en.pdf (cancer.ca)

The only thing i found difficult is that most of my questions involved the cancer diagnosis, which my surgeon - as a general surgeon, was unable to answer. She would often say - " thats a great question for your oncologist".

Wishing you a great appt. Let us know how it goes. Kim
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Tiffany G‍ welcome.
I had surgery almost 2 weeks ago. (Mastectomy on the left side) Also through the Breast Health Clinic. When I was assigned a surgeon, I googled him to find out what I could in advance of my appointment, but also kept an open mind. The reviews for his surgical ability were very good, his bedside rating was 50:50.
I figured this was pretty good as the surgery is where I need him to be on his game! If I needed him for mental support I might have kept on looking. This is where you need an open mind and realize not all people are easy to please and like to write about it.
When I had my appointment, the surgeon was very patient, answered all my husbands and my questions. I was pleased and confident in having him as my surgeon.

I think he did a great job and anxiously look forward to my follow up with him tomorrow.

His receptionist and nurse navigator have done amazing jobs keeping me in the know of appointment progress and answering any questions I may have.

I hope that helps. Wishing you all the best.
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My GP sent a referral to a surgeon for my mastectomy. I googled all the surgeons in that town and the reviews were terrible! I was already a mess just from the diagnosis of cancer. The surgeon she referred me to was known for doing colonoscopies and he wasn't even good at that. I didn't want him to confuse my butt with my boob. I went back to my GP and told her about my fears. She referred me to a different doctor in another city a few hours drive from me. I googled him and he was the best there was around here so that was who I CHOSE. He did a good job, his bedside manner sucked and I went on with life.
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