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x-rays before radiation treatments
Hello lovely people,
I received my 2 doses of radiation this week, and was surprised to find out they x-ray each time I go to get the treatment. I have a good friend who went through radiation treatment some years ago and she said they made a mould for her so she wouldn't move around instead of getting x-rays each time. I would prefer to get the mould if I had a choice. I would like to hear anyone else's experience with this?
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Runner Girl
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Hello landofnorthernlights‍ ,

I believe that for certain head and neck cancers they create a framework that is tight fitting to one's head to hold everything still during radiation. For my breast cancer I received 4 pin point tattoos prior to my radiation treatment. One on each side and two in the centre of my chest. This allowed me to become one with the grid on the radiation machine so they knew that I was in the correct position. They also took x-rays but this was not done before each treatment.

Runner Girl
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Hi landofnorthernlights‍,

Were you given any pinpoint tattoos or markers on your body? A couple weeks before my radiation treatments started, I had appointments for CT scans and tattoos to determine positioning for radiation treatments. Before every treatment, the machine moved and staff explained that these were not x-rays. They said the machine was moving into place so the radiation beam was directed only to the area requiring treatment.

My understanding is that moulds are still used for some types of radiation, but I have not heard of this with radiation of the breast now that tattoos or markers are used. They could still be used for that reason and I am not familiar with it.

When is your next radiation treatment? It may be helpful to discuss your concerns with the medical staff there. Wishing you the best possible outcome with your treatments.
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Hi there,
I had 30 rounds of radiation to the pelvic area. They just tattoed me prior to starting my sessions.
They explained to me that the radiation is similar to a CT, but the images are not clear enough for diagnostic purposes.
They just checked me with the machine prior to starting to ensure my bladder was full enough.
Sending you best wishes as you undergo treatment.
yes I did have three point tattoos done around my breast two weeks before my radiation treatment. My friend also had breast cancer and mould was what they offered at the time. I emailed my radiation oncologist this morning to ask and she said the xray must be done each time to ensure precision but the dose of the x-rays are not high so not to worry.
I guess they still make the mould but mostly for brain treatment or very specific radiation indications.
Thanks for your reply.
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