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Letrozole and Zometa side effects
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Will be starting Letrozole and in in a few weeks Zometa. What effects have you experienced? What effects concerned you?
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Hi jaytee‍,

I hope all goes well for you with the Letrozole and Zometa.

I am taking Letrozole and refused Zometa because my bone density and bone scan were good. That decision should only be made in conversation with a doctor because everyone has different risk factors for osteoporosis.

Initially, the Letrozole caused severe anxiety and insomnia, but that has resolved and now I no longer feel any side effects from it.

Have you already started the Letrozole and have a date for the Zometa infusion? Wishing you the best possible outcome with the Letrozole and Zometa.
I am in my 3rd week of taking Letrozole (before bed) and experienced side effects almost immediately (ie. hot flashes and trouble sleeping). Currently experiencing hot flashes, low energy/tiredness (often deep exhaustion by afternoon), mild joint aches, restless sleeps). I was told by 2 months my body will have adjusted to the med with minimal side effects….sure hope so!
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Thanks so much for the information. I just finished chemo and start radiation in 2 weeks. Just wondering did you take Letrozole during radiation? Someone said it can interfere with your treatment if you have a hot flash during radiation so take it when your're done radiation. What are your thoughts on that/
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