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Breezy Questioning ?
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Hi there - Has anyone out there tried Far Infa Red treatments for cancer ? Just wondering ?
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Hi Breezyone‍ . I've never heard of far infrared before. I did a quick computer search. Cancer.ca has nothing on that. Mayo clinic has very little. You had lung cancer? What I'm seeing is that this might be helpful with skin conditions, but it won't cure cancer. Or at least, no studies have been done to show it would cure cancer.


WestCoastSailor‍ , ACH2015‍ might have some ideas about this.
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Breezyone‍ I am replying from Elsie13‍ tag re the far infa red.

There are many sites that mention this treatment, and one even suggests it is helpful with treating lymph edema in the breast after cancer treatments. A very old clinical trial (2007) sought people to partake in a Phase I trial. No data, no updates so one must believe that it has not gone anywhere.

My suggestion to you is to speak with your oncologist about this treatment and find out why it would or would not be of benefit to you and your situation. I ran many scenarios with my medical team(s) during my treatments - and trust their judgement and knowledge. Although I am proud to say I presented a clinical trial to my Oncologist the same day she was going to recommend it for me.

Radiation in general is used to treat many cancers. I have no idea how far infa red is generated, but I did note there was considerable concern over surface skin damage and the potential for skin cancer promotion, premature skin aging and other issues.

My suggestion again is to run this by your oncologist. I would suggest it is not a conventional treatment in Canada - or it may have been offered or suggested to you just my opinion to be backed up by your medical team.

Hope this helps put things into perspective for you, and let us know what you discover.

Keep well

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thanks for your input ! !
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I have the “ Relax” far infrared sauna and it’s great. Even if for just the amazing feeling after it is so worth it. You have to do your research on them, the one I got was recommended by a naturopath, ironically I got it before my breast cancer diagnosis. It claims lower EMF than other brands it is portable and easy to use but looks super hokey.
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