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Wondering about safe products to dye hair after chemo
Hi all

I am writing this on behalf of ABA‍ who would like info on the following question:

I am almost half a year post my chemo treatment for my Hodgkyns Lymphoma. My hair grew back but it is all grey I am 44 year old)I am planning to have a short haircut for my birthday in two weeks and would like to dye my hair or just use highlights using natural products. Any recommendations?
Thank you

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I will say that I was told to wait 6 months after my hair grew back in before dying it because it is new or babylike hair. I only waited 4 months because mine came back silver and I didn't want that for me just yet. I had it done at a salon and did ask about the ingredients in the dye product. I had been avoiding parabens for a start and wanted to make sure there were none in what she was using. There wasn't and she allowed me to check the ingredients of the dye.
If you already have a relationship with a hairdresser, have that conversation with them.

Let us know how you make out.

Cynthia Mac
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ABA‍ , I commented on the other thread where you asked about hair products.

The friend I mentioned there said her hair dresser wouldn’t dye her hair for her for a while after her treatments because the chemicals in the hair could react unpredictably to the chemicals in the dye. (This was the lady who opted for the feather clips.) I suppose an airy arrangement of colourful feathers is better than an off-colour highlight!

A good hairdresser with expertise in colourwork should be able to help you.
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Hello ABA‍ - I have known people who used Henna. Health food stores will have this. They may have a number of products to choose from. Personally I love my gray hair, but I get that some people would prefer colour. Hey, you could have some beautiful pink (beet, berry juice] like Cynthia Mac‍ . Her hair is very cute!

All the best!
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ABA‍ I've also asked myself this question so i waited a year post chemo, just to be on the safe side. cause i want full bleach... had a phase with funky colours. but i would say to watch make sure the dye is ammonia free if you go with box dye its less hard on the hair and the scalp. But hair dressers should be able to better assist you..
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Thank you. All noted!
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I use Herbatint, available at Healthy Planet and Superstore. It is about $16.00 and if you have short hair, you can use it to colour your hair twice.
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Thank you! Will look into it!
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