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Invasive ductal carcinoma at the age of 32
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Hello everyone,

I am 32 years old and not married and recently diagnosed with IDC with ER, PR + and Her2 negative..as per the biopsy report.

I had my lumpectomy with senitol node biopsy and 1 or two lymph nodes were removed. I asked the surgoan after the surgery and he said we will wait for pathology report to determine the lymph nodes results. I was told by many people they sometimes tests the nodes right away??

Did anyone had a similar experience and want to know how further treatment would effect me having children in near future??. I was eligible for Oncotype DXtest as well so waiting on that too
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SBK‍ I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I had my sentinel node biopsy and got the results during surgery. Because cancer was found there, they removed 20 lymph nodes from under my arm. I had to wait about 10 to 14 days for those results in addition to the final details from my mastectomy. So perhaps the people who found out whether or not their nodes were cancerous were related to the type of lymph node.

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Thank you cancertakesflight‍ foe your input. I do have an appointment on 2nd with the surgoan so I guess i will have a better idea then
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SBK‍ Welcome and thank you for posting.

I was also diagnosed with IDC - ER+ and HER2+ but at the age of 56. The "good" news is that IDC is the most common breast cancer type, so there is alot of research and knowledge in the field. Being hormone positive will give your treatment team options for treating you and being HER2- means it is less aggressive - all good things.

Is your surgeon an surgical oncologist? My surgeon was not, so i found she had difficulty answering any of my cancer questions.

You have a very good question to pose to your medical team about the possibility of having children down the road.

Congrats on having surgery over with!! Please keep us posted. Kim

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Hi SBK‍ welcome to the community, I hope you find the help and support you need through your cancer journey.

I too had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy with 5 nodes removed. The cancer had not spread to the nodes, which I found out at my follow-up with my surgeon 5 weeks later. My cancer was triple negative so aggressive which meant I had to have chemo.

I’m guessing your capacity to have children will depend on the treatment you require and you should talk through your wishes with your oncologist.

best wishes, Essjay
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Thank you Kim for sharing your exoerience. My surgoen and your are two different people and appointment with oncologist is not until March 31st but Atleast surgoen will have findings from surgery when I met him in 2nd March
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