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MBC Stage 4 with liver mets and looking to see if any ideas on drugs or treatments
As some of you know from following my posts over the years, my wife after 4 years is running out of options and we are both going thru that terrible moment of shock, fear, and desperation. I know many of you are going thru this, or have already been thru this and I wish I had more faith , I thought I would by this point, but I still want to have her around longer, and she is not ready (mentally) to leave . The major issue is the liver that has alot of cancer in it, and is causing the main issues with her health. Does anyone know if there are any new treatments or drug combinations that treat MBC more focus on liver , and does diet or natural remedies help de-toxify the liver to help it heal ? I am still looking for all options and ideas....... guess I am just not ready to give up Hope.
thanks to all who have posted such wonderful stories and helpful advice.
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I remember a post from some time ago when you suggested going to Roswell for a second opinion for your wife. Did you ever do so to that location or anywhere else? The same applies now - have you and your wife sought out a 2nd opinion for the current situation?

I have had cancer and a recurrence (not breast) myself since diagnosis in 2016. My situation is Metastatic (Stage IV) Adenocarcinoma of Unknown Primary Origin. I have always trusted my instincts and sought out a 2nd opinion when I believed it was necessary to ensure everything currently being done was being done. Not only that, but to educate myself to all available conventional alternatives - and why they may or may not be available to me, given my current situation and all relevant factors taken into consideration.

What I did: I chose to educate myself with conventional medicine and conventional oncology procedures (available to me in Canada) - so I will speak from that perspective.

I had and still have a very good and trustworthy medical team working with me - exception being the first oncologist that I replaced. So after 5 years (that's scary to put into perspective) of multiple treatments and surveillance (since 2019) I believe that everything possible to keep on op of my situation is being done. I questioned and learned so much about my cancer and treatments and how to assess the best path moving forward - for me. I have had chemotherapy, 4 surgeries, radiation, immunotherapy and so many scans of all kinds it is amazing I don't glow in the dark. But the fact remains there is a limit to what can be done for all of us. Putting myself in your situation, I'd ask these questions of your wife's oncology team:

- Are there any clinical trials we could participate in?

- Is a liver transplant an option? Who do we ask about this?

- Has my wife's case and current circumstances been discussed at the hospital tumor board?

- Has your wife's case been reviewed by the department head?

- Who could you recommend we speak to about a second opinion?

And with all of these questions and the answers - the risk / cost / benefit equation need be assessed as well.

And I am sure you have considered or sought out all of the above, but it's always good to get a third party perspective. Leave no stone unturned - while being realistic and accepting of all before you, and what your wife and you are willing to do. I hope these suggestions help to put into perspective what we all as patients and caregivers go through in our search and hope for curative and or control measures for our unique circumstances. I guess in part, I am trying to reinforce that you are not alone in your situation and if all of the questions above have been answered - its perhaps time to look at keeping your wife and yourself as comfortable as possible and as at peace as possible. I sincerely hope there is a Plan B out there in your wife's future that will give resolve the current situation.

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Hello LANDSCAPERNF‍ . I also have MBC with liver metastases. My oncologist put me on Verzenio (made by Lilly) in June and I have had excellent results. The CEA levels in my liver went way down from 400 to 4! I also go to a naturopath where I am getting acupuncture to help with the neuropathy and heavy leg syndrome that I deal with. I really believe in complementary medicine which is traditional and alternative medicine working together to improve quality of life and life expectancy.
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