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Prostate Cancer Free Foundation
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Hey Gang,
Found this very useful nonprofit site for comparing Prostate Cancer Treatments (for low, medium, and high-risk patients) for success and timelines. Very educational when making informed decisions about treatment options. It's not for medical doctors but designed for the layman (patient) to understand what treatments are and importantly the statistical survival rates and trends for various treatments. This nonprofit site has studied 110,000 patients worldwide with the leading physicians from around the world.

Have a look at the videos and the interactive graphs. Very informative and may lift the gloom of the 5 years survival stigma hanging over the high-risk group.

LINK: PCF Foundation
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There's another site I've referred people to, for similar information:


I don't think the organizations, behind the websites, are related:

. . . It would be interesting to compare their recommendations, for treating patients with identical diagnoses.

Thanks for the reference --

. Charles
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