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Chemo to radiation for advanced cancer
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Hi all,

hoping someone can comment on this. Why would the oncologist switch you from chemo to radiation for incurable advanced cancer if the chemo is keeping it stable? The latest ct scan showed no change which means the cancer is not growing and when she suggested the change it was a shock so I did not ask any questions. Does this mean it is now curable? and radiation will work? I know these are questions for the oncologist but just curious if anyone has had this happen to them. Is this palliative radiation to give the body a break from chemo.- this is for recurrent stomach cancer that is now in the lymph nodes and pancreas.

Thanks in advance for any responses
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Hi Charlie1
I don't have any experience with metastatic stomach cancer. Perhaps RedWaterLily‍ ‍ and rivers‍ may be able to share their stories/ experience but I think you are right: this is a question for your oncologist. It's frustrating when we think of the questions to ask after we have left the doctor's office!
Maybe the folks at Cancer Information Helpline 1-888-939-3333 could also offer some insight?

I hope you find your answers and that you continue to have stability with your cancer.
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hi Charlie1‍ I'm sorry I can't add anything here. Unfortunately I don't have any experience with any treatments - my partner did not get to that stage. Sending you strength and good wishes for all that lies ahead.
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I am terminal. I did do chemo, docs thought it might slow the progression. Which it did. But you can't live on chemo everyday.
I too am trying radiation, although got to say not liking it much either. My oncologist actually recommended against radiation as he doesn't believe there will be a benefit. My radiation doc said might as well try it, and see if it holds off the cancer spread. So far its doing that. But maybe my cancer would have still held without the radiation, who knows. I am currently pretty sick. I can't keep the fluids down and having some heart issues. I feel crapy. Maybe I did this all for nothing. Maybe I could have had a healthier last few months without radiation. Too many unknowns. And maybe I would have just felt like I was giving up too early trying nothing. After radiation I'm back on the shelf till the next chemo. Although I'm thinking I'm throwing in the towel after this treatment. I'm just too sick.

I would chat with your doctors. Wishing you comfort.
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