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Post surgery Pancreatic - Gemcitabine and Capecitabene - anyone have experience on it?
I had surgery Dec 22 to remove my pancreatic tumor (and spleen, 1 adrenal gland and 27 lymph nodes). Apparently they got good margins. I had done 7 rounds of chemo before surgery (FOLFIRINOX protocol) but now feel it wasn't working as well as they hoped to kill cancer cells. They are switching me to Gemcitabine and Capecitabene for my final chemo rounds post surgery to deal with anything that is left that they didn't get. Anyone on this protocol? I just want to get an idea what to expect. Thanks
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Hello islandgirl2020,
How are you? Although I am still on Folfirinox protocol (this Wednesday will be my 3rd round), my oncologist has told me that the G&C is a reliable alternative regime. I am finding the "F" treatment challenging and my 2nd round took me longer to bounce back....closer to 10 days rather than the first 7. My hair was coming out constantly so I shaved my head and yet my hair still comes out after every shower. It is hard to keep positive sometimes, but nevertheless we persevere. My oncologist also admitted that most people stop the Folfirinox after 8 treatments due to the aggressive nature of the drug, so more than likely I will also switch to G&C at some point. I have started a two times a week exercise routine which helping me to feel more normal. Please share coping mechanism techniques if you feel up to it. Sending smiles and hugs...hang in there.

MM58‍ Hm, I knew it was the most brutal of all the chemos but I didn't know people stopped it by 8th treatment often. They changed their mind and I am still on Folfirinox. For 5 more treatments with 7 done (last one in Nov) so #8 on Wednesday. Mine is pretty harsh as I am allergic to 2 of the 4 drugs - I take tons of antiallergy and dexamethasone before I go in. My treatment is from 830 to 4pm, one of the only all dayers. I still have my hair but I had tons and I only have about 1/3 to a half left. I am trying to keep positive as I had surgery but my tumor marker is still high so they are worried and want to keep on the most powerful chemo which is folfirinox. I was hoping to get a break from Oxaliplatin side effects
Hello islandgirl2020‍ and MM58

I am glad you have connected with each other.
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