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Blurry vision

Blurry vision

Posted by RedPhoenix on Dec 6, 2020 6:46 am

Hi everyone,

I have IDC, and currently in the second half of ACT treatment...taxol end. I have been having pretty blurry vision lately and wondered if others have had this with the taxol side of treatment.
I have my  appointment with oncologist tomorrow but I just wanted to check in here whether this is something others have experienced as well?
Thanks in advance! Big hugs to all!

Re: Blurry vision

Posted by Essjay on Dec 7, 2020 7:52 am

RedPhoenix‍ blurry vision - yes, this happened to me. I had a sight test soon after finishing my chemo but my optometrist advised me to return in 3 months for more checks and to check my prescription again. She told me chemo affects the eyes for some people and in most cases it’s temporary. She told me she would be looking for changes to my retina and also growth of cataracts which are seen in cancer patients. Due to COVID I haven’t had the follow-up yet, but the blurriness did improve. I do think my cataracts have grown though 🥲
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Re: Blurry vision

Posted by law on Dec 7, 2020 1:55 pm

Hello RedPhoenix‍ ,
I just became aware of your name so please excuse my delay if you have written to this site earlier. CancerConnection is the most comforting and informational site for folks affected by cancer directly via diagnosis, as a caregiver, or as a medical professional.
I read your post about blurry vision and, although I had radiation for oral cancer of the tongue, I was prescribed heavy doses of opiates as well as wearing a time-release Fetanyl patch over the course of several months. It barely helped my pain, but the medications did cause me to have blurry vision, entertaining hallucinations of cartoon characters or bugs on the walls, and my hands are still shaky. You are wise to mention your vision status to your oncologist as you can determine if the reaction is normal or the drug dose needs adjustment. Thankfully, my doctor warned me about possible reactions so I was not freaked out...(what a relief).
Please keep posting on this site to let me know how things are going.
Keep on truckin'

Re: Blurry vision

Posted by RedPhoenix on Dec 7, 2020 2:13 pm

Thanks for the replies law‍  and Essjay‍ 

I saw my oncologist this morning and they are going to keep an eye (no pun intended haha) on whether it gets worse with each treatment or not. But she did say that in most cases it clears up after chemo has finished. Here's hoping! I'm finding it a bit hard being an artist and an avid reader but I only have 3 more treatments to go...the end is in sight! Well, sort of, considering I have radiation as well afterwards but you guys know what I mean. Lol
Sadly my oncologist told me that my liver enzymes were elevated so they will do bloodwork again before chemo in the morning. Fingers crossed all will be good.
big hugs and big love to all

Re: Blurry vision

Posted by Kims1961 on Dec 7, 2020 6:29 pm


I also had blurry vision and even "spots" that floated around.  In my case it was both - the chemo and old age....lol...I guess as we age the vitreous fluid becomes more liquid?  

The good news was over time, the issues improve.

Good luck with finishing up with chemo.  Have my fingers crossed for you with the liver enzymes!

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Re: Blurry vision

Posted by FranKacz on Jan 6, 2021 6:04 pm

my Husband stopped his chemo for colon cancer after 36 treatments, over the course of 23 months. Within three weeks his reasonably good eyesight rapidly diminished, which the optometrist and oncologist indicated that was caused by the treatments. It’s been very difficult to set up appointments with the various optometrist’s and ophthalmologist’s during the last five months of Covid. His scheduled cataract surgery for one eye was to be on December 24th. We were so disappointed to learn that all elective surgeries were cancelled - and that his surgery would be pending.
  The ophthalmologist will not perform the surgery while a patient is on chemo, so he was waiting to resume his treatments so that he could get the surgeries. After the first eye is done, it’s a six week wait before the next eye is done... even if he gets surgery done beginning of February, it could be as long as mid April before he can resume chemo... 8 months to wait.
   We realize that Covid cancelled a lot of elective surgeries, but don’t understand why he can still go for his CT scans done blood tests yet people can going to physiotherapy and  dental appointments. I wish there was another way, but travel to another province or across the border is prohibitive. 
  We live in a small community, two hour drive away from City.  No Covid has reached us, and we feel lucky that we are safe and isolated in our little apartment. As a caregiver, my heart goes out to others who are in similar situations. All we can do is be patient.