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Radiation Dermatitis

Radiation Dermatitis

Posted by CCC888 on Nov 17, 2020 3:05 pm

I could not find my post with above topic and probably I may have accidentally deleted it. Recall yesterday the page weirdly got out to the upper level itself while I was scrolled up and down the page on my touch screen and however,  I don't remember I saw a delete confirmation. 🤔
Anyway, I am reposting below but apologize I should have deleted a reply. (forgot from whom).

I want to share the attached document which I found 2 years ago from the BC Cancer internet.
Thanks GOD I have zero side effect when I received the 20 days therapy for my primary breast cancer 10 years ago. But, I am very interested to know everything ie. any side effects, about the prescribed medications/recommended procedures which are mentioned in the document. And,  also if there is other suggestion in other provinces. Touchwood, never know if myself will need radiation. You know what I mean.
ps. From a UK or US breast cancer forum I saw something like "Do not put on any moisturizer couple hours before radiation session". I couldn't find the related discussion again. I googled by searching "any cream before radiation sessions" and found below.



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