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exercises for neuropathy in hands

exercises for neuropathy in hands

Posted by Hezz on Oct 10, 2020 6:20 am

Hi all...
I'm on my break between chemo and radiation and the side effects of Paxitaxol are fading away. Unfortunately, my hands are weak and very stiff/sluggish...the pain is improving but not the movement.
Has anyone been given helpful exercises for this??? I'm being referred to physiotherapy, but I'd love to get started now.
Hezz :)

Re: exercises for neuropathy in hands

Posted by cancertakesflight on Oct 10, 2020 10:00 am

Hezz‍ Thank you for reaching out. I have to admit that I have not done the exercises in this link but they are stretches. I am not saying that you should necessarily do them. It is always something that you should discuss with your doctor. My blood circulation is not the best so I was thinking of trying them.

Hand Exercises

Let me know how things go and what your physiotherapist has to say.
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