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Taxol dosage

Taxol dosage

Posted by Buddy65 on Sep 10, 2020 3:16 pm

I am being treated for stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer with liver mets. 

My treatment is taxol, herceptin and perjata first week, then taxol only next week then next week nothing then it starts again. 

What I would like to know is what is the difference beteeen the dosage for stage 3 (cure) and stage 4 (palliative). The chemo nurse said my taxol dose was low (469). I have had very few side effects .... I lost most of my hair after first cycle and had a sore mouth and bad yeast infection ... otherwise nothing. No nausea, my appetite is better then usually and full of energy. 

I want the same dosage as they give for stages 1-3 but I don't know what those dosages are. Can anyone tell me what their dose amount was for taxol please?

Re: Taxol dosage

Posted by CCC888 on Sep 10, 2020 4:40 pm

Hi Buddy65‍ 
I understand there are 4 dosing schedule of Paclitaxol. I was on dose dense in 2011 for my grade 3 primary treatment and on 3 weekly schedule for my SBC treatment. I wish I could be given weekly when started my SBC treatment in Oct 2018.

(1) weekly - 90 mg/m2 (or 80mg/m2 for early Breast cancer) once weekly for 3 weeks then  1 week rest ;

(2) weekly - once weekly for 2 weeks then  1 week rest;

(3) 3-weekly - 175 mg/m2;

(4) does dense - 175 mg/m2 1 week on , 1 week rest; 

Low-dose weekly administration of paclitaxel resulted in equal progression-free survival but reduced overall toxicity compared to every-2-week dose-dense


weekly taxol provides superior outcomes to treatment every 3 weeks  (27 Aug,2018)



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Re: Taxol dosage

Posted by Buddy65 on Sep 11, 2020 9:23 pm

Wow ... few months? I was told years. Now I am worried? I have very little side effects from the chemo dosage I am getting now and if I wasn't told I have cancer I would never know. I feel fine. 

Why is it curable if it goes to your lymph nodes but beyond that it is palliative? Why can they kill all the cancer cells for stage 3 but not stage 4 if it is a systemic treatment?  Why can't they give a heavy dose of chemo either way?  Why do I not feel sick if I am dying? I hate this so much.