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Let's Talk Hormonal Therapy

Re: Let's Talk Hormonal Therapy

Posted by GreatGirlxoxo on Dec 15, 2020 10:48 am

Hi Runner Girl,

YAY to running - I hope you  can continue.

I've been on Exemestane for 2 years without any problems. The company is Actavis (aka ACT). Hopefully, it will continue this way. I noticed on the last refill that the package had a small TEVA logo. This tells me that they've purchased ACT, which scares me in that maybe the formula that has been working well for me has changed.

My oncologist forewarned me a few months ago that around now on an AI; i.e., the 2-year mark, that we need to watch for symptoms. I asked if he meant to the organs to which he replied it's to high cholesterol and blood sugar. That's exactly what showed up in my last blood test. I'm sure this won't show up for many others. Probably because it's in my family the tendency for this occurred. Other than that, no pain in the joints or muscles. I highly recommend regular exercise. In addition, as a precaution I exercise my hands and fingers every day. Friends of mine had terrible pain for the first few months on Anastrazole and Letrozole. They're feeling much better, and have been taking the meds for approximately three years.

Best wishes, Runner Girl. I hope this helps a bit in addition to info you received from others.


Re: Let's Talk Hormonal Therapy

Posted by Lianne_Moderator on Dec 15, 2020 12:06 pm

Runner Girl‍ 

I did Tamoxifen for 4.5 years and then was switched to Letrozole once menopause was established.  I didn't react well to it. Couldn't really nail what the issues was other than loss of libido which was scary enough. I then was switched to Anastrozole. Same or similar response. I was put back on Tamoxifen ( which I barely had a moment of trouble ) and seemingly things were the same as Letrozole now. I had to get specialpermission to be put on Exemstane but that is where I stayed for the remainder of 4 years. I had little to no side effeccts from it.

I tell this story to let people know that there are so many ways someone might react to a specific drug but there are options that could be tried. Have those conversations with your oncologist if you have given a drug a good chance ( maybe a month? )

I have also heard anecdotally some people do better on one manufacturer vs another ( same drug)

WIshing you well as start this new one and know that it is one step closer to completing hormone therapy. And yay to no new lumps or bumps!

Let us know how you make out


Re: Let's Talk Hormonal Therapy

Posted by Runner Girl on Dec 15, 2020 1:45 pm

Thank you everyone for the replies.  I'm feeling better about giving this a try.  Planning to start it on Friday as I have a very busy/stressful week at work.

Lianne_Moderator‍  - I can attest to the problems with the brands of the same drug.  I just spoke with my oncologist about this yesterday in fact.  Tamoxifen - I was on Novaldex and APO.  I did very well with the Novaldex - just lots of body temperature issues and minor body pain issues.  With the APO I had less body temperature issues but WAY more body pain issues.  My oncologist said that they are hearing this from many patients.  Don't be afraid to speak with your doctor if you're having problems, a solution may simply be a different brand.

Runner Girl
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