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Please help.

Please help.

Posted by Stronger than Ever!! on Mar 3, 2019 12:05 pm

I am in disbelief with the amount of weight I've lost since my surgery in December.  Has anyone ever heard of Cachexia? Any info on this is greatly appreciated. 
Mary Holladay

Re: Please help.

Posted by ACH2015 on Mar 3, 2019 2:10 pm

Hi Stronger than Ever!!‍ 

Mary, I reproduced your journal entry (below) for background info. We can't reply to your journal the way it is.  If you go back into it, and fill in the summary content portion, and reproduce the information into the main content portion, then we can comment on your journal. No problem, it takes a while to figure out this stuff.

You mentioned in your journal that you went from 167 to 119 lbs since last May. You also ask about CACHEXIA. Were you diagnosed with this, or is this something you came across while researching? You are right, CACHEXIA is an extremely dangerous condition and the syndrome is "Characterized by a dramatic loss of skeletal muscle mass and often accompanied by substantial weight loss, cachexia (pronounced kuh-KEK-see-uh) is a form of metabolic mutiny in which the body overzealously breaks down skeletal muscle and adipose tissue, which stores fat. Patients suffering from cachexia are often so frail and weak that walking can be a Herculean task."

I do an awful lot of research myself, and that can be a good thing in helping us understand our conditions better. We have to be careful about the information we find though, and let the professionals do the diagnosis part. That's why they get paid the big bucks.

You also mentioned that your doctor's have recommended increasing your calorie intake. I have attached a link below from the Canadian Cancer Society that talks about Eating Well When You Have Cancer.


Once your blood work and other tests come back in, hopefully they will point to a cause (let's not forget possible thyroid and adrenal function) and allow for some form of treatment in getting you back to a healthy body weight, and feeling better with increased energy. It may also be as simple as working with a dietician who can monitor you along the way with your doctors in gaining the needed weight correctly.

I wish you well Mary, and please keep us in the loop with what you discover, and seek support here and elsewhere as needed.

We are all in the same boat on this site.

ACH2015 - Andy.

I have been in the fight of my life since May. Although I had an extremely hard time with the Chemo.  My tumor responded very well with my treatments.  After I had my surgery to remove my left breast. My follow up with my doctor was extremely emotional. There was no sign of the tumor and my lymph nodes came back negative for cancer.  I was in remission. I was extremely focused on getting my life back and getting healthy was my main goal.  I  knew there was a chance that my cancer could reappear and I was praying to get to that 5 year mark.  Although I  wanted to to focus on my health,  at this point in time I was having severe side effects from the Chemo.  I felt like death.  I  was  167lbs when diagnosed and just like that.  I  woke up only to not recognize myself in the mirror. I was a fragile old looking with nothing but skin hanging off a skeletal frame weighing only 119 pounds. I was  in disbelief at what I was looking at.  Well, I've been going to all my doctors appointments and they are telling me that I wasn't eating right and to eat alot of sugar and carbs to gain weight.  I have also been doing research and was desperate for answers.  I don't find out till Monday what my blood tests show. I am in a mental state and praying that I don't have Cachexia,  witch is a wasting disease that some cancer patients can get. From what I am to understand is that it's pretty much a death sentence and I  will die from it if it is truly what I've been dealt.  Has anyone ever heard of Cachexia??