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'I'm alive because of it': Ostomy advocate fights to dispel stigmas around the procedure

'I'm alive because of it': Ostomy advocate fights to dispel stigmas around the procedure

Posted by ACH2015 on Mar 2, 2019 9:53 am

From CBC News today:

People with ostomy surgery rally on social media after bullied 10-year-old boy takes his own life
An ostomy is an operation that allows bodily waste to pass from the intestines through a surgically-created opening, also called a stoma, located on the abdomen. The waste is collected into an ostomy bag attached to the stoma, and emptied as needed by the patient.

According to the Ostomy Canada Society, roughly 70,000 people in Canada and the United States have undergone some form of ostomy surgery. Many people like Grossman have an ostomy because of Crohn's disease. Others have bowel cancer or ulcerative colitis.

But it's the kind of procedure many people are uncomfortable talking about, Grossman says. As the founder of Uncover Ostomy, a non-profit dedicated to dispelling negative stigmas and misinformation about what it's like to live with an ostomy bag, she is on a crusade to change that.

Read the article below Education, awareness,and support are key.

"Grossman is currently working with the Zane Cohen Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto to provide more resources for patients who undergo an ostomy, and for doctors who have to field questions about the procedures.

Bruton welcomes the effort.

"There needs to be more resources, and again, it comes down to finances, but it is so important that there be resources for psychosocial issues for persons that have stomas, especially for kids."


Keep well.

Don't feel shame or embarrassment
because of a procedure you've had. Talk about it, and seek assistance as needed in dealing with the mental impacts of physical procedures.

ACH2015 - Andy.