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How has cancer and treatments affected your eating?
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How have cancer and treatments affected your eating? What did you find helped?
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My husband is undergoing chemo for stomach cancer.  He is only able to eat small amounts of food and has no real appetite.  He is not getting more than 1100 calories a day.  It's very difficult.  Any help?
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Hi Del,
1 year post-op for colon cancer and I still eat small potions throughout the day. Seems anything processed, fat, spicy, raw fruits and vegetables, and milk products will go right through me. Having said that I cook and bake everything from scratch, package everything in small portions and freeze it, then I have a good variety to chose from. Since I eat such a small amount I want to make sure that whatever I eat is nutricious. My weight is good, energy is good, blood work is good. I'm probably healthier then I've ever been. I take calcium suppliments. My cholesterol level has never been better.
I don't feel that I'm lacking anything.
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After 1st day of chemo Im eating alright mostly small meals mostly from the BRAT diet, bland chicken, rice, a banana and some raw cashews.  I was so lucky to have my sister along and that made it an easier experience.  I gather the next chemo drano as I like to call it wont be so easy but I hope I will eat small amounts to keep myself going. Truly I wish us all the easier road on this unwanted journey, jeez am I getting chemo brain fog already (:
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