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Metastatic breast cancer - lung, bone, brain
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I’m new to this site. I went through treatment for breast cancer in 2017/2018 (invasive ductal carcinoma; spread to 1 lymph, ER+,HER2+; grade 3). I came through it all well and passed a few five-year milestones this year. But an x-ray for back pain in November showed that I had tumours in my lungs and subsequent scans showed multiple bone lesions and two spots in my brain. I wasn’t surprised when the bone biopsy results came back showing it’s breast cancer. I always knew there was a 30% chance of recurrence but hoped I’d be one of the lucky one… As you all know, it’s a tough place to find yourself. A friend who had a rare cancer a number of years ago said she took a lot of comfort from online forums. I didn’t do it the first time but this time is so different … here I am.

I’ve read through some of the threads and feel a sense of kinship and comfort in hearing other’s stories and struggles.

I haven’t got a treatment plan yet but expect I will in the next couple of week. I have radiation on my brain yesterday.

The initial shock has subsided a bit but I feel in limbo until we know if I’ll stabilize once treatment starts.

What else? I’m 55 and I’m very active. So far I’ve been able to keep up my workouts and walking.

Thanks for reading!

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good afternoon and welcome here.
I'm so happy you found this community.

there is really some kind of special that happens when you can connect with folks who have had cancer touch them.

once you know what your treatments will involve, a great way to find focused posts is to search by using medication names in the search tool, and/or using hashtag. ie: #breastcancer. you get the idea…..

I am sure that your active and healthy lifestyle will serve you well for your upcoming treatments.

thank you so much for introducing yourself. never hesitate to post. we are always here.

hugs and warm welcome

#welcomenewmember #breastcancer #radiation #recurrence

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@JoVee Hi JoVee and welcome from NS! So glad you joined us too!

We get it…we understand…we are all here, to support one another…..keep posting and sharing; because we are listening!



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Thanks for the warm welcome and tips on how to search. That helps a lot.

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Thank you. The support will help a lot. I have good friends but unless someone has gone through cancer there are asp of this they just can’t understan.

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I’ve been living with a diagnosis of breast cancer with bone Mets. To my ribs and hips and spine. eight years and seem to have the right treatment which has kept it very stabilized. Moderately active and working on more lately. No pain due to bone biophsophates first few years. I send you love and healing ❤️‍🩹

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Reading your message gives me hope, thanks so much for writing! I’m really hoping for a period of stability as the news since mid-November has been tough. I know a lot will depend on how well I respond to drug treatment. I did okay (ish!) on chemo and herceptin the first time so am really trying to stay positive that so I start getting some good news and stabilize for a time.

I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well :)

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@JoVee - Welcome to the group and thanks for introducing yourself. These people are informative and supportive, and also share interesting stories. I'm glad that you've already a story that gives you hope here.

I don't share the same cancer (ovarian) and in a different chapter of my story but I think we all share the same emotional rollercoaster (a name, by the way of one of the forums).

Wishing you all the best. I do agree that your healthy lifestyle will do you well as you get your warrior suit on again.


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@JoVee so sorry to hear your news. I can tell you’ve been very strong throughout your journey, body and mind and you will get through this as well. Treatments have come a long way and I have no doubt hearing other stories that this will be you too. Sending my prayers and hugs🥰🥰🙏💪.

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Thanks @Sadie12. I agree, it is a rollercoaster for all of us with a cancer diagnosis. Things feel a bit steadier this week, thankfully. I’m still in the early stages re treatment options so I don’t know what I don’t know… and I’m trying to just take it all as it come.

I’ll take a look at some of the forums … es one named rollercoaster!

I hope you’re doing well 😊

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Thanks @PaulaG. Treatments have come a long way and I’m starting to feel more encouraged by the stories I’m reading. Early on when I first got the news I went on Google and terrified myself. So I stopped. Now I’m beginning to meet with health professionals and feel more optimistic.

Sending hugs to you as well. I hope you’re doing well.

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