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I still don't know how to get real help for this.
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I am in so much extreme agony, emergency sends me home, referrals are rejected, I don't know what to do. I can barely type right now. Please God help me. Thank-you to everyone who gave advice, I tried to read some of it. It's so hard to keep trying to ask for help and provide documentation, feels like I've done almost everything possible. This is in God's hands now. God have mercy on me. Bless everyone here, thank-you for the help on this long journey of physical pain and agony. I appreciate all the help.

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I am so sorry you continue to have so much pain. We can listen, but beyond that, and the experiences that others have shared that worked for them, there is little we can do.

I have chronic pain that I deal with by acupuncture and a pain management clinic but I know others have suggested those things and I am assuming you have tried that and it didn't work.


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