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Critical illness insurance
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I have critical illness insurance for my mortgage.. I was wondering if anyone else has been through the process with making a claim and how it is done.
I had a single mastectomy and ready for chemo starting Dec 6 .
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@Sofie I'm going through the process now, although mine is standalone through my employer. I contacted the insurer to obtain a claim form, then once I had that, there was 1-2 pages of information for me to fill in and I forwarded part B to my oncologist (I'm having neoadjuvant chemo) for them to complete, which was a lot longer. They also attached a whole lot of reports. My oncologist only took two days to get back to me, but I had initially been told 2 weeks. They fill in these types of forms pretty regularly. My insurer needed to see all tests has been completed (except genetic) and staging.

The insurer took about a week to acknowledge receipt of my claim. It has been about 3 ½ weeks since the date of their acknowledgement, and I recently received another letter saying they are reaching out to my GP to confirm I didn't have any symptoms checked in the 2 years prior to taking out the policy. I only started my policy in January of this year, and there is an exclusion in my policy where they can void it during the first 24 months if your illness is determined to be a pre-existing condition. There was no guidance on how long the process will take, although they did provide a phone number for any questions.

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Thank you for your experience.. I have had my insurance for 2 years .. never thought I’d need it .. I was going to cancel after my mammogram this year considering it came back good because I felt fine ! Oh boy ..

thr reason I got it was when I was refinancing my mortgage 2 years ago and my bank manager just returned from breast cancer and told me about the insurance that she didn’t have but recommended and so I got it ..

strange how things happen in life

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You are very fortunate and thank goodness you got this advice from your bank manager! I was offered CI insurance by my financial advisor but didn't take it. Then “wham” I got my breast cancer diagnosis within a year. Boy, was I kicking myself.

I now work for a Financial Advisor and I always recommend this option to clients.

I hope all the paperwork goes through seamlessly and it's one less thing to worry about for you.

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