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CancerConnection.ca in your own words

How would you describe CancerConnection.ca to someone who is considering joining the community? How has CancerConnection.ca helped you?

Share your thoughts below.

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Hi Lacey:

I would and have described CancerConnection as an informative place, full of caring and sharing people.

I would say being here has helped me feel less alone, and part of a community that understands what patients, caregivers and friends go through before, during and after cancer treatment. I also feel this is a place to pay it forward for all those in need, because we have all benefitted from people we have met that have been through all that cancer brings with it.


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The word “connection” describes the support you get from this community. The medical side of cancer is a world many of us are thrown into with no preparation. Yet, we meet with professionals who will help guide our way through treatments, options, side effects, recurrences.

Yet, the mental health, emotional side of cancer, is not readily talked about or supported. That is where this community provides a safe haven to be vulnerable, sad, joyous or even humourous.

To me, cancerconnection is that warm blanket on a cold night, that joyous taste of a guilty pleasure food or your favourite song that comes on the radio.


I recommend cancerconnection on a regular basis.

What I usually describe is a curated space that provides excellent information and networking with folk who get where you are. These folk have asked the questions you now have and usually have some thoughts on the answers they got.

The site can be as anonymous as you want but it is safe to talk about hard things that not many others understand. That can be comforting to know you are not alone.


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@Lacey_Moderator what can I say about Cancer Connection, my goodness. I've been hanging out here for 5 and a half years. I first logged on as a lost puppy, emotionally distraught, very lonely person. I thought I was alone with this horrible experience of watching my loved one slowly deteriorate then pass from this dreadful disease. I soon learned I was far from alone. There were people here who understood, empathized, cared, and never judged me. I felt I could totally open up and be myself here. It is a safe place to be vulnerable, connect with others, and share deepest and darkest emotions and secrets. I've shared things here I have never shared with my ‘real life’ closest people. I grew and changed as a person over the 5 and a half years, largely due to the support I received on the site and the deep friendships I have made. Best thing is I could still be anonymous and still pour my heart and soul out. Getting and then giving support, paying it forward has been such a rewarding experience for me. I can't say enough good things about this site and would recommend it to anyone going through this dreadful time of cancer. And even though it's been over 4 years since my loved one has passed, I'm still hanging out here because I consider this place my ‘home away from home’ and my second family.

@Lacey_Moderator Even though I found cancerconnection well after my active treatments, I feel fortunate that I found it at all. I tell others about this site, because I want them to get the support that they need and may not be able to get from people who have not experienced cancer either as a patient or a caregiver. Hearing about it and actually being impacted by it are vastly different, as I learned when I started my cancer journey in 2011.

And even though I am in a state of “No Evidence of Disease”, I feel like cancer can be a life-long experience, although the intensity of it fades a bit over time.

The Cancerconnection site still allows me to learn and grow, so I continue to come to the site. Cancerconnection is the gift that keeps on giving.


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@Lacey_Moderator Hi Lacey. I'm new to the group, but the Cancer Connection forum has been great for me. It's such a relief to talk to other cancer warriors and survivors. No one else understands.

I have stage one ovarian cancer. It helps to find other ovarian cancer survivors for encouragement.

ii highly recommend this group of caring people.


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Cancer connection was the first of a handful of resources that I found after my cancer journey had started. I remember feeling quite alone. Even though I had some people supporting me, it was like ‘coming home’ when I found people who had walked through cancer ahead of me and were willing to virtually hold my hand.

And it's open 24/7!!! During the pandemic! When I had my diagnosis and treatment in fall 2020\winter 2021…I had to enter the hospitals alone, always alone. Everyone was suffering from isolation, but people with life-threatening diseases were even more so. There were no local chapters of support groups meeting (or in my area, even answering the phone!) It was such a relief to find people I could debrief to that GOT IT!

I will never forget the people who first answered my hesitantly typed Introduction with warmth, friendliness and HOPE.

Being able to chat with people who had previously been on the same treatment or are walking the path ahead of you who are willing to share openly about their experience and to encourage you…well, that is just priceless.

Heading back to work after my recovery was very stressful. It really helped to know that I wasn't alone in my feelings. I could unpack the feelings here without putting even more of a load onto my husband or close friend.

I've been in remission from Ovarian cancer for 1.5 years. I still come back here. It's my community. I hope my story can give someone else hope, comfort and helpful information. I know that the people here celebrate my ‘remission’, just as they will hold me in their hearts if I go through a recurrence. We are all rooting for each other.

Love to all.


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@Lacey_Moderator When you feel lost in your cancer journey (as patient or caregiver), cancer connection comes through to help you find your way. You can be yourself, you can change your name, you can rant and rave — all is welcome here. There is no guarantee of answers or resolution (is there ever in life??) but for sure there is love and support and virtual hugs from the family you didn't know you had.

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@Lacey_Moderator cancer connection is a community of patients and caregivers seeking advice and sharing their experiences to support others, and a place to find reliable information on diagnosis, treatment and living with or after cancer.
i found cancerconnection the day before I met my surgeon a little over four years ago. I came looking for questions to ask and I got an awesome list, and felt like I had arms wrapped around me in a virtual hug. It was what I needed and I was ready for my appointment the following day and haven’t left the community yet.

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I describe cancerconnection.ca as a place to get peer support from folks who have walked the walk.

I pass on the address to each & every person I interact with who has cancer themselves or is caring for someone who does.

I have found that it is a great virtual space to have #realtalk about real issues that might be ‘sensitive’ to family members, friends or doctors in person.

I have gotten much information, tips and tricks to make treatments easier, and in some very special occasions, made a friend too!


#cancerconncectioncommunity #peertopeersupport #thesefolksgetit #bonusfriends

Cynthia Mac
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To me, Cancer Connection is a virtual support community for people dealing with cancer — in their lives or a loved one’s. It is quite possibly THE kindest social network on the internet. Not only is it kind, but it is inclusive: no one here cares about anything other than getting whoever you are through the experience of having or caring for someone who has cancer.

To riff off of what WestCoastSailor‍ said, not only do the members “get where you are”, the volunteers/ mentors/ super users meet newcomers where they are, partly because of their own experience, and partly because of training the CCS has offered. It doesn’t matter where you are in the process: diagnosed without staging, nearing the end of treatment, looking at targeted or immunotherapies, or nearing end stage of life.

I, too, recommend Cancer Connection to anyone who mentions “the C word” to me in casual conversation. Not everyone ends up using the site, but it’s good to know they have the information.

Unlike other social-outlet sites for specific cancers, Cancer Connection not only deals with all types of cancers, but also the emotional and physical aspects of cancer, organized so that a person can have a specific cancer, but also find a place (public or private or gender specific) to talk about the sensitive experiences of their situation in as little or as much detail as they wish.

As I near the end of another trip around the calendar here on the site, I am seeing people coming back, looking for support, sometimes in a different capacity (was a patient, now a caregiver or vice versa) or because their previous status or that of their loved one has changed. I’ve been in that position myself, and it’s really good to know that this community is here whenever you need it.
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@Lacey_Moderator CancerConnection was my rock. When I was told I had cancer, I had no one around me who could help, and I called the BC Cancer Society and they told me to get in touch with CancerConnection. The people here have been so compassionate, so helpful, so caring! I can post any question or comment and I get an answer almost right away.

I do recommend the CancerConnection to anyone I meet who has been diagnosed with cancer or who is caring for someone with cancer. This is such an overwhelming and scary place to be.

I would be totally lost without CancerConnection! My hats off to those who are moderating, those who chime in, and those who are advocating!


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@Lacey_Moderator CancerConnection literally saved me from my insanity due to PAIN during radiation of the Head + Neck area and it intensified after radiation….My Cancer Centre-Victoria Patient Counsellor suggested I try the site and so I unleashed my misery online and received amazing support and empathy within hours. I was so grateful…and still am after 4 years.

I would describe this site to a prospective member of the community as: The most wonderful medicine without a prescription or an office visit.

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I discovered Cancer Connection after I had gone through a lot of my treatment. After two cancer diagnoses within four months, it felt like a soft place to land. I felt I could share my fears without judgement and that that others just got it. In the world of cancer, it is very difficult for friends, family and even significant others to understand what it truly means to get a cancer diagnosis and all the anxiety and fear that comes with it.

Cancer Connection also helped me understand the caregiver perspective and it perhaps get a glimpse of what it might be like for my husband.

It is strange to think you can create connections virtually that are so meaningful and supportive.

By sharing my experiences here, it has helped me grow as a person and I have more insight into what I have gone through and to appreciate the journey.

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i had my second bi-annual checkup today after my endometrial cancer diagnosis a little i over a year ago and subsequent brachytherapy.
Doctor says that I am likely
find but ordering a lot of extra tests…
i am at once happy to have proper care but at the same time worried because the last time wasn’t. any concerns?
also don’t want to worry loved ones so keeping it to myself…so sorry to vent here but glad to have maybe some that get it?
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and this is exactly the reason Cancer Connection Community exists!
we ALL ‘get it’ here.

(I am going to copy & paste this post into the #Gynecological forum so that your cohort can see and offer support.)

we are your CCC family; thank you for trusting us and sharing your story.

#endometrialcancer #weallgetithere

Cynthia Mac
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@lola1969 As you point out, it’s good that you are now “on their radar” and getting “proper care”.

Scanxiety is what we call your trepediations here on Cancer Connection. It can be hard, but try to focus on what you know for sure: that you are “likely fine” according to your doctor, and that he’s doing a bunch of tests to try and get ”likely” out of the “likely fine.”

If you have any mindfulness tools at hand that will help you focus on this moment for the next few days until you get your tests and results, that might help you from focusing on the negative thoughts you are bound to be having and that seem to come to us more naturally.

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Hi @Lacey_Moderator I would describe it in one word a LIFELINE.

I did not find the site until well into my surgeries and wished I had known about it prior to starting my journey. But never the less so glad I found it.

I will never forget, the day before my 3rd surgery, I got a message from the cancer connection wishing me good luck. It was so heartwarming that someone I haven't met cared enough and remembered. THANK YOU.

The community is so compassionate and you feel being heard. They all get it.

The information is from personal experiences and even though, it is not officially a medical advice, it comes from the heart and for me, at times, more meaningful.

Thank you all for sharing and caring.


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@Lacey_Moderator Hello…..What does Cancer Connection mean to me?

3 Words…….

Not Feeling Alone………


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I would also say a lifeline. I had a bit of experience with a forum such as this, when my husband and father of my three children suddenly left me for another woman during a bout of depression. I went to a very dark place then and a forum of kind people virtually held my hand to get me through it, also when he shortly afterwards died from suicide. When my cancer diagnosis came, I immediately looked for and found this place, and found the same kind people who were willing to hold my hand. Once through the scary times, and the calm returns it is also healing to help others and extend your own hand to others. It works.

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Hi Lacey!

I talk about Cancer Connection to everyone! As a lot of my patients are cancer patients in the OR, if we end up chatting, I like letting them know about it as a great resource!

Its my comfort zone, my friends, my Go-to place for questions for me, and hopefully I have something to help others as well!


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