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New Brunswick family
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Hi everyone,

my name is Ben. Last week my 32 year old wife had a fall and broke her femur. The doctors had a lot of concerns about how easily the bone broke and did a CT scan. They found a mass in her breast and also confirmed cancer in her hip/leg.

I’m just really scared and sad right now. I love my wife so much and hate to see her in pain (broken femur was really difficult). We have a one year old at home and I’m just really struggling. I joined up to try and find some supper amongst people going through similar things.

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@Brw713 Hi Ben and welcome from NB! So glad you reached out to us. I am sorry, to hear of your wife's pain and broker femur. It is truly challenging, on your entire family.

Please know you have found a caring community…..we are eager to listen and share experiences, and support each other.

I will include a link below, for care givers…..have a look through that link; feel free to post your own message there too, when you feel ready to; soon others will share greetings your way.

If you prefer to reach out/'tag' a member; simply type “@”screen name, no space after @, select name, turns blue, they receive your message.

Do you have family/friends nearby, who can watch your 1 yr old, as you accompany your wife to a medical appt?

Here is a phone number for Canadian Cancer Society; Information Specialist 1-888-939-3333

They will offer you supports and resources, in your area.

We are all here, to support you, and your wife!

Feel our welcome with open arms!

Welcome Ben,


#caregiving #Breastcancer

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