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Help getting through chemo
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Hi Everyone,
I recently joined cancer connection as my husband has been diagnosed with a rare cancer. He is a retired firefighter with 40 years service, with no cancer whatsoever on either side of his family. His cancer is known as Cholangiocarcinoma. In June he had Whipple Surgery where he lost 40% of his pancreas, his gallbladder and duodenum. His pancreas is now attached to his stomach. He has been doing well and just started chemotherapy. He is on a 6 month treatment plan of 2 months chemo, 2 months radiation and chemo mixed, and ending with another 2 months of chemo.
He has done well taking 6 pills in the morning and 6 at night. However he is on his rest week now (2 weeks on, 1 week off) and is terribly sick. Constant diaherrea, stomach upset. He has a large blister behind his lower front lip making eating a challenge.
I would appreciate any advice, recommendations, etcetera to help him through this. Thank you for reading and letting me share. This is so scary, I am grateful for this site. ❤️❤️
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@BMW Mua Im sorry about your husband’s diagnosis, but you’ve come to a good place. Is this also known as bile duct cancer? If you go to the forums page and search for Cholangiocarcinoma (or bile duct cancer or whatever) you’ll find some discussions that may be helpful. Also see below for the treatments and side effects link which may also prove resourceful. I tagged a few people who may have more experience with the cancer you’re dealing with or may be able to tag other members.

With your husband having a hard time with the treatment, I’d call his cancer care team and get their recommendations. Do you have a nurse assigned or a help line number?
It must be very hard for you as well.

Hopefully some of this helps and gets you and your husband through!



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Cynthia Mac
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Hi, BMW Mua‍ - I agree with JenG‍ to get through to your husband’s care team. If the diarrhea is bad, take him to emerg. If they’ve given him antiemetics (Dad’s were orange), try to get him to take them as soon as feelings of nausea start - don’t wait until the nausea has taken over.

The blister behind his lip is likely a mouth sore. You can do a salt-water poultice on it, or he can do rinses every few hours to see about getting that down.
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