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Hello everyone. Monday the 19th will be 3 weeks post surgery with radical kidney removal. I had a 7cm stage 3 cancer mass. The 20th I finally get to meet with my Dr to discuss having more scans. Anyone out here who has been through this, wondering what the road ahead looks like.
I am 63 years old and finding the surgery a lot tougher to get through than the gallbladder removal 10 years ago. I think today is the first day I have eaten anything without extreme gas pain and diarrhea.
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Hi @Biewer Lover

I saw your post and am going to tag a couple of members that mentioned kidney removal for you: @Lucy1 and @Nel72

A helpful hint: Go to Forums, click on it then click on Cancer Types. Scroll down and click on Kidney cancer. The forum will open up on all discussions and the threads that follow. It may also assist to post in this forum for specific information as well. Same as the Treatments and Side Effects forum.

Hope this helps get you some contacts.

Keep well


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@Biewer Lover Hello……Here is a helpful link

Hi. I'm just glad that you're able to eat without pain and diarrhea. I'm playing my ukelele for you today. Thank you for your help.

Hello to you. I am new to this and just joined. I read your post and think you are so brave. I am the same age as you and newly diagnosed with clear cell renal cell carcinoma a common kidney cancer I am told. Waiting for surgery. My tumor was found by accident and I feel very fortunate for this. I will be having a partial nephrectomy of the left kidney. No surgery date as of yet. My urologist told me mine will be done laprascopically and I will have four small incision sites. Yours sounds much more complex than mine as you had the entire kidney removed. I hope your symptoms resolve and you are feeling better soon. Thank you fo sharing your story to help others like me. Much appreciated.

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@Biewer Lover
good morning and welcome to this community!
it is a cool, windy morning here in Alberta….fall is def entrenched---no more +35 days!

you must be relieved to have that big surgery behind you. and as a 60YO she/her, I will just say….things that I would have bounced back from 10 years ago easily, lay me out flat now. what do they say: getting old is not for sissys! 😏

I would def mention the prolonged side effects and any lingering issues at your appointment next week.

thanks for your post, as you can see by response from @Warrior Girl, you have already helped someone else! how marvellous that you two are able to connect here.

have a great weekend.
now that you are eating a little bit, I will send you my yummiest toast & tea cheers.

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@Warrior Girl
good morning Alberta neighbor!
as is my routine, I am having my coffee and #cancerconnection time while I watch the sun come up.

how fantastic that you and @Biewer Lover can connect virtually. there is nothing like support from somebody else who has walked a similar road. this community is really amazing. it literally saved me when I was going thru the early days of my breast cancer story.

any idea when your surgery will happen? I have heard that the backlog is somewhat less than in the throes of COVID times…but still hear of quite long wait times. I'll cross my fingers & toes that you get triaged sooner rather than later.

do let us know how things progress moving forward.

have a great weekend.

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