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Hi everyone
Natalie 1
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I was told I have Invasive Ductal Carcinoma ER positive PR negative HER 2 Negative. Just had my cancer removed Aug 4, 2022 yesterday and a biopsy of my lymph nodes yesterday too. It was my first operation, being put to sleep and first time having something done in the hospital. But they said everything went well and just have to wait and see about the lymph nodes to see if the cancer went there. We live here in Toronto and we bought a house in New Brunswick back in May and then I found out I had breast cancer. So I felt I couldn't be happy about the house I was worried about the cancer. We did our closing on the house on Aug 3rd the day before my operation. We move on Aug 23rd so a lot going on at this time. But can't wait to move and start a new life in a new province and maybe cancer free. Then get a job when I'm ready. But it's not even 24 hrs since my operation so I have to heal. Then get on with life 😀 Anyone else have my kind of breast cancer and help anything I need to know about getting back to heal other then my exercise I have to start with my arms. I was thinking of starting that when I take my bandage off on Sunday they didn't tell me when to start that but gave me a booklet and it shows me what to do

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@Natalie 1 You certainly do have a lot going on in your life. So many variables. You don't say what kind of surgery you had so I don't know what I say will be applicable.

First, I'm glad to hear that your first surgery went well. The reason for the surgery can be stressful enough but even more so when it is your first surgery.

Exercises - I hope the exercise sheets you were given identify which ones you can do when. The first ones you do after surgery are more like stretches. If you do the wrong exercises at the wrong time you can hurt yourself.

I am really glad that you are going to do your exercises. They make such a difference.

Subsequent treatments - Do you know yet if you will require additional treatment. Usually that's not something you know until after all your test results are in. Do you have a follow up appointment date before your move?

Packing - I hope you arent trying to help. There is a weight restriction on how much weight you can lift after your surgery.

Please provide more details if you feel comfortable so that any suggestions made fit your circumstances.

I'm glad you feel well enough to be communicating the day after your surgery.


Natalie 1
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Hi. I did say what I had done yesterday I had the cancer removed and a biopsy of my lymph nodes removed too.

@Natalie 1
I think what @cancertakesflight meant was lumpectomy vs mastectomy and then if the latter, with or without reconstruction.

I personally had a lumpectomy with a axillary dissection as they knew going in that it was in my lymph nodes. I followed the exercises recommended to the T and healed very well with very little scarring. I wish that for you too.


@Natalie 1 Yes, I was asking about whether you had a lumpectomy vs mastectomy. Thanks @Lianne_Moderator for the clarification. I had a mastectomy with lymph nodes removed during surgery. I did not have reconstruction. I only had one breast removed.

I apologize for not being clearer the first time. While there are a lot of people with breast cancer there are many things that can be differentfor each person.


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@Natalie 1

good morning.

whewf; you have LOTS going on. new diagnosis, new home, new job….my head is spinning just reading about it all. 🤪

glad to hear that your surgery and lymph node disection is behind you. amazing that you have not needed sedation before this. you must be very healthy. that will serve you well going thru this process.

my experience: I had my two surgeries, (both lumpectomy), a few years ago already. as I was diagnosed and treated in the literal first days of COVID I missed a lot of instruction and never did get/hear about exercises, (that I can recall). what I did do, was join a senior, (I keep reminding everyone that I wasn't a senior then - ha ha), gentle yoga class via zoom. that was just the ticket to keep me moving.

once your pathology comes back, and you find out which way your treatment is headed you can plan your next steps.

question from me: can they just transfer your file to your new home for treatment. many times through my experience I wished I could go to another place where I had some family support, but figured that would be too hard to co-ordinate.

let us know how things move along for you. and as someone else suggested , don't do any heavy lifting. this recent surgery is the ‘perfect’ excuse to get you out of that drudgery. ha ha ha

have a great weekend.

cheers and welcome to this community

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Natalie 1
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I was given this booklet but thanks anyways

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