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Follicular Non Hodgkins Lymphoma
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I am interested in anyone dealing with or have dealt with Follicular Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, your experiences, suggestions,, treatments, outcomes, present condition, alternative and integrative treatments etc. Etc
I am in Windsor, Ontario and appreciate any feedback you have to offer.
Wishing everyone much laughter each and everyday to help you to get through the difficult moments.
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I want to introduce you to @Boater who recently posted about that diagnosis.

Did you have any specific questions you were wondering about for Boater to share?


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good morning from over here! just talking with my Ottawa based sissy this morning and she was raving about the fresh crop of corn available and her garden beans. so jealous.

if you type ‘follicular non Hodgkins lymphoma’ into the search tool, (use the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of this page), there are quite a few entries from members discussing.

I was primary caregiver for my spouse many many years ago; he was diagnosed with NHL. not sure anything I recall from his disease is even relevant now, but as @Lianne_Moderator suggests, please ask any/all questions and surely there will be someone here to advise.

have a great weekend. enjoy ALL the ON produce, and ABSOLUTELY laugh each and every day. I am with you 100% on that one.


#follicularnonHodgkinslymphoma #laughteristhebestmedicine

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Hi there I have splenic marginal zone lymphoma which is rare but for treatment purposes puts me in the same group as those with Follicular lymphoma. I finished my chemo of Bendamustine and rituximab last year. I chose not to continue with rituximab maintenance because of concerns related to compromised immunity. if you have questions that relate to the treatment I can share my experience

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I was diagnosed with NHL in March of 2021. I did chemo for six months and haves maintenance treatment every three months for two years. I had no problem with any of the treatments So far. In October 2021 my cancer was gone. Hoping and praying it stays that way!

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@Maryj4 my mother was diagnosed with follicular NHL in 2017. Found tumours in her nasal cavity and abdomen. Had 4 treatments of an immunotherapy rituximab which shrunk them. In 2018 she had radiation on the one in her nasal cavity which was growing again. No progression since. Oncologist said it is very slow growing and wouldn't kill her. She is 83 now and doing very well.

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