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Finding a mastectomy bra
I had a single mastectomy one year ago and am looking for a comfortable bra. Due to the ensuing lymphedema I have e hard time putting my arms behind my back so putting on a bra is difficult.
I am looking for a front closing mastectomy bra with pockets for a prosthesis. Would be nice if it was attractive and had adjustable straps.

would also like to hear if anyone has found a breast form that is machine washable and lighter weight than my prosthesis.
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@Onestepforward hello. It's tough finding something comfortable but there are lots of choices. Its just finding the right one to match that I find difficult. Most of the time I just go without. Amoena Canada has a good range of forms as well as bras with pockets. You can order online as well. I found it helpful to go to an actual store. I tried on many different styles and types to try to find the closest match.

I'm not sure what area you're in. Im lucky to have a shop near me to go to.

This is the link for Amoena Canada


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@Onestepforward I have been using a lot of bralettes that fit over my head. I also can't do up a bra by reaching behind my back but I never could, lol. What I do with a bra that does up in the back is do it up in front of my body then spin it around. Then slip my arms through the straps hope this helps.


Have you heard of Knitted Knockers? https://www.knittedknockers.org/

They will send a free one - they are light and I although haven't used one, have heard very good things about them. I'm fairly certain they are machine washable as well.

And I put my back enclosure bra on the same way @Cyf does - always have lol


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