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New.. second chemo/rashes
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Hi everyone,
I wanted to wish a good health and speedy recovery to everyone on this forum who is going thru difficult time right now..

About myself. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on April 1.. I am 29 years old.. No kids, and no family in Canada.
After getting all the scans and tests.. I just now did my second chemo.. Praying that chemo will kill the tumour and they will perform a surgery 🙏🏼
I have some question.. I am having really bad acne on my face and scalp, maybe someone had the same problem and has any recommendations? I would really appreciate it.
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@Icyyy Hello and welcome to our caring community….I am sorry for your reason to join us; sure glad you have! We are here, to listen and share and support.

Soon…others will chime in, as they read your post…and hopefully be able to respond - about acne concerns - (Sorry I am not familiar with this concern….)….

If you wish to reach out/'tag' a member…..type “@”screen name (no space after @), select name, turns blue, they will receive your message.

Feel our welcome, with open arms!

Welcome Icyyy



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Thank you so much for your kind words.

I felt that the only people that could be close or someone who can understand are the ones who we r or going thru the similar journey..

My young “friends“ do not understand the severity of the situation and/or don’t care… It is sad to see that when real life situation happens and no one is even near.

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good morning!

it is super hard to go thru this with no family around, isn't it?
I am 2X your age, (ok….2.75X 😂), and I found my cancer story very lonely indeed with no family near.

the best thing about COVID and I guess, just being alive this long, is that the technology has made virtual communication possible. ZOOMs saved me.

during the loneliest times I had no one near; but I had a computer and I found this wonderful sharing community…..my breast cancer diagnosis and treatments took place in 2020, but I never left this place!

I have since heard that WellSpring has peer counsellor supports - that would be great if you could pair up with somebody going thru the same sorts of treatments. they are available on line and in some communities---check it out.

you say your young friends don't ‘get it’…..but guess what? it's the same for my old boot friends too! until you have your own cancer experience, it is impossible to realize the scope of a diagnosis.

now that you have your own cancer story to tell, you will be THAT person who will always be there for folks….cuz you ‘know’. I vowed I would never let anyone go thru the experience feeling as lonely as I did.

this community is here 24/7. lean on us. we are listening.


#doingcancersolo #familysupportfromafar #wegetit

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@Icyyy i took a workshop through look good feel good about skincare and make-up. Definitely worth the time. There are many little things to consider with chemo in your life.

I have struggled to feel connection i think it's easy to ignore the lack of a tried and true friend when life is just ticking along and there are plenty of people around and things to do. Now it is so obvious. I'm lucky to have strong family support.

Reaching out to communities like this and others with peer support is a great place to help fill this.

Hugs to you and I hope you are doing as good as possible after your chemo 💓

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Hi @Icyyy I don’t have experience in your question you are asking but my heart goes out to you when I read that you are so young and here without family support. You have come to a great site here because everyone here has the biggest loving hearts and support each other. In the words of our late dear friend Dave, Welcome to the family..we are all family here ❤️

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Hi there @Icyyy you've got lots of friends here who do understand your concerns and care for you. Perhaps the spots are cisplatin acne? Worse due to sun exposure? I had something similar - it’s bad enough feeling rough with chemo but acne too? i used the over the counter benzoyl peroxide facial washes and topical creams- and stayed out of the sun! If you are in Ontario there is an online dermatology clinic called derm cafe. You send in photos. Covered by OHIP and quick booking times. Wishing you all the best!

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Hi @Icyyy , I had some on my head after losing my hair. The doctor recommended that I use Baby shampoo. I did not have any on my face so I can’t tell you anything. It will be best to call your doctor.

I am sad to read that you have no family here. I pray that you get better.



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Hi @Icyyy

I developed rashes, bumps with small white pustules on my face and eyelids while on paclitaxcel. My oncologist prescribed a topical cream which did the trick for me: Hyderm 1% which is a hydrocortisone cream usually prescribed for itching. But it took care of the “acne”.
Wishing you much luck and health on your journey. I’m so sorry you’re going through this but you will get better!


I wanted to say hello and welcome you to the community. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 47 and at that time ( 11 years ago ) was considered “young”. Now I frequently see ages starting with a 2 or 3 and it breaks my heart. Know you have a “family” of sorts here online to lean on.

I did have, what I was told was, chemo acne when going through treatment. It was all along where my hairline would be if I wasn't bald. I hadn't heard of it before getting it. Good skin care is ideal. And as mentioned by @CandiceRG above, the look good feel better program is great - I used it myself and learned a lot. Here is the link: https://lgfb.ca/en/

Wishing you well


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Im so glad they were able to prescribe you The cream, my nurses said that there is technically nothing that can help besides gentle cleanse. But it went away right now… they changed my treatment unfortunately so as for now no rashes. Thank you for your advise though, if it comes back I’m gonna ask for the same cream :)

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I’m so glad you have strong family support, because without it it’s extremely difficult… But I’m glad that medical team that I have are so carrying it helps a lot.

sending you virtual hugs too 🤗

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Thank you so much for your kind words 💕

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Wow, thank you so much. It was bad acne on the face and on the whole scalp, and was very itchy, red and irritated 😩

They changed the plan of treatment, I was at the hospital, lost a lot of blood, had 2 surgeries now putting me on radiation because chemo didn’t help 🥺

so acne are gone for now, but now I’ll know what to do in case it Comes back. And I’m in Ontario/Toronto so thank you so much 🙏🏼

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@Icyyy I am going through treatment for colon cancer. They ended up reducing my dosage (with no apparent change in cure rate) for me as I was experiencing significant problems with cold sensitivity and neuropathy. That really helped a lot!

You must become your own patient advocate! You must! As well meaning and caring as all of the medical staff are, they are for the most part super-overwhelmed. The entire system is in crisis. So you have to really be the squeaky wheel that gets the grease!



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@Icyyy I was just about to post but thought I'd search first. I was an acne teen and in 1996 I went on accutane and have never had it since. Until this week, after the first chemo. And it is starting to look like it did as a teen. I'm going to mention it to the oncologist next week but I'll read through what the responses are to see if there is anything I can do in the meantime - other than go back to 1976 ;-)

If you have any solutions further to this please share.



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