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Mastectomy pillow

Hi: my radical mastectomy is scheduled for July 6th, and wanted to no what items I should buy before surgery. Do I need single or double mastectomy pillow. Right breast will be removed. Any suggestions would help me. Thanks

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@Granmama2twins I had my left side mastectomy in March 2019. I stayed with my mother during recovery. I had extra pillows but not a mastectomy pillow. You should be given from the hospital exercises to do if you are having lymph nodes removed. Make sure you do them as they will help regain the movement in your arm

Surgery day: slip on shoes, pull on pants, button up top. I was sent home wearing a compression bra that looks like a smocked tube top, empty bag to carry stuff home with you

For the drive home: rectangular shaped pillow that attaches to the seatbelt for extra comfort, get prescriptions filled

At home: heart shaped pillow that you place in the armpit area, pj's that have button front closure, lanyard to hold the surgical drain or safety pin works too, prepped meals that you just have to heat in microwave, dry shampoo but might need help using because of lack of arm movement

If I think of anything else, I'll post later.

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I had left breast removed and 19 lymph nodes. Who knew we had so many? My discomfort was in my underarm and I could not have tolerated a feather touching this area never mind a pillow.
I do remember looking at lists of all the items I would ‘need’ including special shirts for the drains. I did not need any of that except safety pins and button down shirts. I also found some of my shirts had wide enough openings at top that I was able to step into them and pull them up rather than over the head. @Buffythevampire is right about the pillow for the seat belt. I used that during radiation as well.

I will be thinking of you as surgery date approaches. Wishing you all the best. Your grand babies need you to have both arms functioning so do your stretches after surgery 😁

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Hi @Granmama2twins, I had a double mastectomy on June 1st. I bought a mastectomy pillow from Amazon that straps on and has a pocket for an ice pack or your phone. I used it in the car and at home. It certainly made car rides more comfortable. Good luck with your upcoming surgery.

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I would recommend you start taking a stool softener before surgery. Pain meds are constipating and that is the last think you need.
I took some bottled water, crackers, single serve applesauce etc. with me to the hospital. Depending on when you get to your hospital room after surgery, there may not be food available and you might want things that are easy on the stomach.
I just used a lanyard for the shower and a large safety pin, to pin my drain to my underwear. If you are looking after your own drains, you will want something you can use to measure the fluid.
There are many Facebook groups that are very supportive, ie: single mastectomy, double mastectomy, staying flat, reconstruction etc.
I wish you the very best!
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