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New - Still in shock
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“I doubt at 39 you've been struck twice.”

Hello all. My name is Michelle.
Yesterday I found out I have cancer. The test results were abnormal, so more are scheduled. The results suggest multiple cancers (hence struck twice), but my doctor was very suspicious given my age.

My mother passed 18 months ago from very aggressive brain cancer. My family and I are still healing, which makes this diagnosis that much more stressful. I would love to connect with any and all people.

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@MeShell You are not alone. I was diagnosed with my first cancer at 26, second at 39. I’m now 70 and have had 5 different cancers and am still here. I guess you could say that I have learned to live with it.
I hope you get your recent cancer treated asap and can get back to living!

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Thank you for the kind words. Like Al Pacino said "I believe in one day at a time; you've got today, that's what you've got."

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@MeShell welcome to what I hope you will find to be a caring and supportive community. I’m sorry you have to deal with this on top of what you have gone through with your mom.

You are not alone and we will listen and support you along the way.

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@MeShell Hi Michelle….welcome…..and feel our welcome with open arms….I am sorry, to hear of your very recent diagnosis…..let us support you every step of the way…..




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oh my goodness. what a gut punch for you & your family!

I am beginning to realize that age in itself is not the protective shield I once thought it to be….so many folks in this community are so young….just like you.

welcome to this community and feel our support for you. sending all my positive energy that the upcoming tests are favourable.

let us know, as you move along your story, how things shake out.

if you have need for specific information or access to programming where you are, the Canadian Cancer Information Specialists are at: 1-888-939-3333.

cheers/warm hugs from over here

#welcome #cancerconnectioncommunity #diagnosis

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Thank you so much for your kind words. “Gut punch” pretty much sums it up - very well said.

Got a lung CT scan yesterday, which (according to my Primary) is the last puzzle piece. Fingers crossed we can get a diagnosis soon.

To quote my hubby
“We need to know our opponent's name so we can prepare for the boss fight."

Everyday brings new emotions, and today's is hope.

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@MeShell it was just April 8th that I got the gut punch 💗 luckily I was a quick diagnosis and with Hodgkin's alot of hope for a cure but ABVD has not been easy. I miss my regular life.

I lost my younger brother, Mom and Dad within 6 years, no cancer, I'm the first with that. It was brutal.

This forum is a great source of comfort. I truly hope you are given quick information.

Take care 💓

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Welcome to this caring, supportive, informative group. I'm a survivor of a different cancer.

I love your hubby's quote!

You got this and we are here for you!


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@MeShell Hello and welcome to this caring community where you will find many friendly ears to help bring you the support and help you are seeking. Cancer….a word that brings fear in all of us and has a way of turning our lives upside down but never forget that no matter what so much advancement has been done with cancer research and it is no longer the death sentence it used to be when we heard that word. Cancer does not discriminate and can hit anybody at any age, your husband is right you need to know exactly what you will be fighting before you make a plan and both of you together along with your medical team and with the help of this community you’ve got this, you can do this. Keep us updated when ever you know more…. we do care. Sending warm thoughts.

Resilience…today is a brand new day and I will make the most of it!!

Nicky 😉

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Hello @MeShell and more power to you for posting on this strong site of like-minded people. Cancer/s are usually a gut-wrenching situation and you have already read some of the replies, with surely more to come. I am free of the basal tongue cancer I fought with radiation…and I was the only one of my supportive friends who lived one-day-at-a-time…..they were more freaked out than I was. In retrospect, I admire all persons who have been affected by cancer. Please use us.

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@MeShell Welcome. I was told about 3 weeks ago and am coming out of my “stunned” phase. I keep getting moved up fast and faster. I'm glad you found this forum. It has helped me greatly for what is come, and what I've already been through. Cancer sucks. But it's putting me in touch with people in a way I never imagined. Virtual hugs for you.

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