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Update: My last chemotherapy treatment ended in the middle of April. After taking the time to deal with some personal matters in May, I went to Vancouver to UBC Hospital last week for a laparoscopic exam to determine if I would be a candidate for HIPEC surgery. Oncoclogist Surgeon who performed the laparoscopy said everything appeared stable. I meet via telephone with Oncologists on Monday to finalize next steps.

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thank you for the update! sounds as tho things are moving in the right direction for you.

you must be excited at the prospect of the HIPEC surgery.
do let us know if this will move forward for you.
if you have the bandwidth could you explain a little about the process as you understand it?

enjoy the rest of the weekend and again, thanks for sharing your positive news.



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@Vaughn Hello Vaughn….glad you are healing from chemo/other needs…..it all takes time…..give that to yourself!

I too hope, that Monday….all your questions are answered by the Oncologist, for a hopeful HIPEC surgery…..(Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC)

If you can/comfortable with……please let us know, how Monday's appt/call went….




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Welcome, @Vaughn . It sounds like the laparoscopy was actually a good idea which allowed you and the surgeon to take the bull by the horns before it rampaged. You and your wife must be filled with questions and I hope your Medical Team fills you in and allows you both to relax a bit very soon.

This website is loaded with supportive peers.

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