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Not So New

Hi all, I am unfortunately not new to this club, but this is my first post on this forum. I am 44 (just turned), a wife of 17 years, mom to a 16, 14 and 9 year old and have an almost 5 year old dog. I was diagnosed on June 27, 2021 with stage 4 palliative colon cancer with Mets to lymph nodes and peritoneum. I was initially told that if I had 2 years of life left with treatment, that would be a good result for me. I did 13 rounds of chemo and had a right/side hemicolectomy 2 weeks ago. I have never had any pain or symptoms related to my cancer and was found by fluke by a wonderful and persistent ER doctor who took my concerns seriously. So grateful. My last CT scan prior to my surgery showed my primary site was the only visible tumour left. I do however recognize that CT scans have their limitations so we are cautiously optimistic moving forward. The incredible surgeon who performed my operation was very confidant he was able to remove the primary site. Now I wait and recover.

just wanted to say hi and introduce myself since I have been creeping for almost a year. I have found so much useful and helpful information on this site.

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Runner Girl
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Thank you for coming forward after “creeping” for so long.

I'd like to introduce you to @Whitelilies although I'm sure you've seen her posts already.

So nice to meet you @Momto3andfurbaby :)

We are here, when you need us, and however you want to engage!

I'm glad you posted and said hi. Great to hear that your surgeon is feeling confident after your surgery.

How is the recovery going?


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@Momto3andfurbaby Hello and so glad you posted….whenever you feel comfy, is always a perfect time….

I hope you have fully healed from the Hemicolectomy……getting stronger each day! (Busy mom of 3, gets few breaks/naps !)

I am glad, that this ER Dr, was persistent, and skilled and helpful….

May I introduce you to: @RBION (Also from ON) whose husband is on a similar path/as yourself…..perhaps you two can “connect”…

Please check out this Canadian Site, with up to date info:


Colorectal Cancer Resource Action Network

(Info on Clinical Trials…meds/side effects…..diet….support group too)

I will send you a private message, with more info…..Join the support group/3rd Sunday monthly - Let's Wave !

How goes eating? Do you find smaller/more frequent “meals” doable?

I too am on the Colorectal Cancer “Journey” - I too am in ONT…..

Please feel our welcome, with open arms!

Ask any question….we will respond.

Thank you @Runner Girl for this tag.

Welcome Mom to 3 & Fur Baby



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Hi @Momto3andfurbaby, welcome and sorry to hear about the diagnosis that has brought you here….but glad to hear that this community has yielded some helpful information. Engage as it makes you comfortable…not everyone processes in the same way and there is no “rules” around here…

The best to you and fam… :)


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Nice to meet you @Momto3andfurbaby – I'm away from my laptop so this will be short but I'll check back in after the weekend. Your surgery outcome sounds very hopeful which is fantastic. When my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer that had already spread to his liver, he was given a short life prognosis but that was almost two years ago and he continues to get treatments, albeit not first line anymore. Members on this site have often said the initial timelines given by their doctor isn't what they experience, people are living longer and treatments are evolving and improving. You've likely read similar posts on CC over the past year. We also have hope which is what helps carry us through.

Please fell free to reach out anytime.


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Welcome. I'm new here too and navigating the health care system with my husband diagnosed with Nodular Melanoma. Not a place I thought I would be a few months ago…..

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