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breast cancer
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Tomorrow I have a phone appointment with my surgeon, I have no comfort with this team at all, I have been pressured for months by 3 medical professionals, to have a second surgery, I insisted on an MRI which showed nothing so no surgery required, I do not know what to do with this team as I have no confidence in them

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Cynthia Mac
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t3t‍ , I’m sorry to hear that you’re dissatisfied with your health care team. It’s good that you advocated for yourself for that MRI, and that it saved you a second procedure.

Perhaps you could have a heartfelt chat with your GP, or your hospital’s patient ombudsman (or whatever they’re called in your area - could be patient advocate) to see if there’s something that could be done. Perhaps there is another cancer centre close enough where you could be referred.
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I had a NP who helped direct me may e that is an option?

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You, as the patient always have the power over your health care. No surgeon can force or coerce you into any surgery, treatment or procedure. It is their job to inform and advise you based on knowledge and clinical findings, but ultimately, it’s your decision. You have to be comfortable and confident in your choices, as well as your team for successful outcomes.

Do you want a second opinion? You can ask for one. Speak confidentially with your GP or other health professional.
I hope you find the solution that works for you!


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@t3t Your body your choice simple as that. What is the surgeon’s rational for surgery then, when the MRI is negative? If you are lucky enough to have another team evaluation that’s a good start. You are doing the right thing by advocating for yourself, don’t give up. Wishing you healthy returns.


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On the day of the original surgery there was a second tumor found, 4 mm, they did a biopsy on it and it was the same as the one being removed. This tumor is no longer showing up which is what they have been bugging me to have a second surgery and have it removed. I will speak to the radiation oncologist on Wed and see what she has to say

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